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Sparkle Kitchen: Four Sparkly Cakes for Celebrations

Sparkle Kitchen: Four Sparkly Cakes for Celebrations

We’re so excited about our website launch that we’re in the mood for celebrating. We pulled together all of our best “cake” recipes. We've got every kind of cake you can imagine. Cheesecakes, cupcakes, gluten-free cakes and more. Now we just have to choose.

sopapilla cheesecake 6 || how to be super: the violet crown

Sopapilla Cheese Cake

This cheesecake is totally decadent and a wonderful spin-off of the typical cheesecake with berries. If you love honey and cinnamon and you like cheese, than you will be oh-so-pleased with this cake.

Find the recipe HERE

fairy fort cupcakes 12 || so many fairies

Fairy Fort Cupcakes

If there is one thing Sparkle knows a lot about, it's fairies. These Fairy Fort cupcakes are a total winner for any fairy- or forest-inspired party — just because you want to make a fancy cupcake unlike any others. Chocolate, vanilla, and graham crackers make up the flavors of these delicious treats.

Find the recipe HERE

johny cakes 3 || fifty: the stars, the states, the stories

Johnny Cakes

Want a cake you can eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack? Why not try a johnny cake? They are super-simple to make. You can dress these corn cakes up or down as much as your taste buds desire.

Find the recipe HERE

123 cupcakes meryl 2

1,2,3 Cupcakes

Want a recipe you can easily make with the kiddos? This is it. These cupcakes are super kid-friendly and can be made in an afternoon — and eaten too! They are a bright, lemony addition to your day.

Find the recipe HERE

Want a few more cake recipes? Here are some other Sparkle favorites:

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