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Sparkle Kitchen: Strawberry Slushies Recipe

Sparkle Kitchen: Strawberry Slushies Recipe

Mmm, strawberries! This a repost from several years ago to get you all in the mood to relax on a hot summer day.

Strawberry Slushy Siesta.

Doesn’t that sound nice for a summer day?

That’s the name of this week’s Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures story – and as you might expect, it features one delicious frozen strawberry treat!

In the story, Martin and Sylvia have gone to their neighbors, the Browns, to help them pick strawberries. The day is a hot one, and Martin and Sylvia’s strawberry picking endeavors are slowed by the high temperatures. But that doesn’t stop the fun! They take a break and enjoy “Strawberry Slushies” in the shade.

We made our own Strawberry Slushies last night, with OUR neighbors, during a spontaneous work party at their house. And oh, my. Were they good.

IMG 6315-600x399

My cutie neighbor happened to have bananas all cut up and frozen – so we included them. And I got to employ their smart looking blender (and their lovely lovely kitchen). Super fun.

IMG 6284-600x399
IMG 6278-600x399

Our strawberry slushies were thick — almost like a slushy sorbet — and so instead of sipping in the shade, we used spoons.

IMG 6295-600x399

You really do have to try this — particularly on a hot day. It’s all fruit, with some almond milk (or milk of your choice) and maple syrup.

Strawberry Slushies


2 10-oz bags of frozen strawberries

1 cup frozen peaches

1 cup frozen bananas

2 cups unsweetened almond milk (or milk of choice)

¾ cup maple syrup


Place all of the ingredients into a blender, and blend! Use a spatula to mix between blending-session, so all of the fruit is fully blended.

Spoon into cups or small bowls, and serve! (Makes 8 generous portions.)

IMG 6318-600x399

(This Story, and this Treat, were inspired by Sparkle Subscriber Bug Wuller! Bug sends us regular inspiration – and we love it. Thanks, Bug, for your clever ideas!)


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