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Sparkle Kitchen: 4 Get Cozy Winter Recipes

Sparkle Kitchen: 4 Get Cozy Winter Recipes

I love all things Scandinavian and that includes the idea of hygge — the art of being cozy. This week I wanted inspire you all to get cozy as we get ready for the Winter Solstice and Christmas. Take time with these Sparkle recipes to have a hot drink and something really yummy and warming to eat in the afternoon. Invite some friends or family over and relax.

mexican hot chocolate 1 meryl

Mexican Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate is a fun change from the normal hot chocolate. The spices like cinnamon and cloves and cayenne make it even more warming! It pairs perfectly with our gingerbread cookie recipe.

Find the recipe HERE

“small batch” gingerbread cookies 11 || martin & sylvia's audio advent calendar

Small Batch Gingerbread Cookies

Small batch gingerbread cookies are perfect for a quick tea for impromptu guests or afternoon snacks. They are spicy and soft and don't require decorating.

Find the recipe HERE

mineral rich tea 1|| martin & sylvia's nature school

Mineral Rich Tea

This tea is so tasty — and healthy too. It's a great addition to an afternoon snacktime to add minerals and liquids to your diet. You won't feel so bad having one more orange glazed sweet roll with all the nutrients and minerals you'll get from the tea.

Find the recipe HERE

orange glazed sweet rolls 6 || so many fairies

Orange Glazed Sweet Rolls

Here is another recipe that brings a special twist. The addition of citrus to these sweet rolls makes for a wonderful winter pick-me-up. Make a large batch of these because you defintiely won't be able to eat just one — and neither will anyone else.

Find the recipe HERE

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