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Recipe Round Up: 5 Snacks for Helpers (All Hands On Deck)

Recipe Round Up: 5 Snacks for Helpers (All Hands On Deck)

Helping out can be hard work for adults and kids. It’s important to keep yourselves and the little ones fueled so you can all give 100% to the task at hand and feel good doing it. These five tasty snacks are healthy and great for sharing. Don’t get me started on motivation. If kids know they’ll get one of these delicious treats when they help out, there’s no doubt they’ll get right to work. From Superhero Smoothies to Apple Sandwich Stackers and more, these Sparkle Kitchen delicacies thank you for all your good work.

Ship’s Biscuits

Historically, these plain and long-lasting crackers are made with simple, inexpensive ingredients. Our version of ship’s biscuits is a little different. Think buttery, soft, and DELICIOUS. You’re welcome!

Superhero Smoothies

Whether you're an initiate of a secret society of superheroes or just an ordinary human, nothing can pick you up after a tiring summer afternoon like this refreshing, ice-cold smoothie filled with leafy kale, sweet pineapple, cool cucumber, and just a pinch of peppery ginger.

Libby’s Adventure Snack: Vegetarian Pemmican

Everyone knows that things often tend to go a bit sideways when you (or someone you are with) is hungry. Based on the original Native American recipe, this vegetarian option is nutrient-dense and guaranteed to keep you nourished whatever the day may bring.

Apple Sandwich Stackers

These healthy treats can best be described as crustless apple sandwiches that provide a lot of room for tasty creativity. Think yogurt, cheddar cheese, or any flavor of nut butter you have on hand. Try different kinds of nuts and grains for the crunchy parts, depending on what you like. And if you aren’t afraid of a little mess, lay out the ingredients and let the kiddos stack them together!

Lemon Ginger Chia Muffins

Add a little citrus to your day with these healthy muffins. Reminiscent of lemon poppy seed muffins, these delicious treats take the nutrition up a notch by replacing poppy seeds with chia seeds and butter and milk with Greek yogurt and olive oil. A taste of ginger brings it all together.

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