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Our Newest Holiday Collection: The Castlechanter Fairy Audio Advent Calendar

Our Newest Holiday Collection: The Castlechanter Fairy Audio Advent Calendar

It's HERE! It's finally HERE! The brand NEW Castlechanter Fairy Advent Calendar. The fairies and elves here at Sparkle have been hard at work creating this newest Sparkle Audio Advent Calendar. Each day, starting from December 1 through 25, we'll release a story a day. These stories are perfect for children ages 5+.


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December — what a sparkling month! Even more so for first-graders Oscar and Aliyah as they begin a mystical journey into the enchanted land of Hillwyn and explore a fairy spiral walk. As the children navigate this magical realm with their fairy friends, they revel in the festive joys of the holiday season — and begin to understand some of the season’s quieter gifts as well.


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Story One: "Where to Start"

Story One: "Where to Start"

Ready to go on an adventure with Oscar and Aliyah and the fairies? Make sure to print out our Parent Cheat Sheet and the Printable Advent Calendar!


Click HERE to find our full tutorial on how to assemble the advent calendar


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