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Tutorial: The Castlechanter Fairy PRINTABLE Advent Calendar

Tutorial: The Castlechanter Fairy PRINTABLE Advent Calendar

Look, Sparkle friends! It's a PRINTABLE Advent Calendar, to go with the Castlechanter Fairy Audio Advent Calendar! Each of the 25 little doors hides a dear image to go with matching story in the Audio Advent Calendar.


This calendar involves a little DIY (cutting and glueing), so we've created a tutorial video and post to show you what to do.


Castlechanter Fairy Printable Advent Calendar


  • an x-acto knife
  • a metal-edged ruler
  • a glue stick
  • a surface for cutting (e.g. an art board)
  • the two pages of the Advent Calendar


1) Download the 11x17 color printable HERE.

(Click the text above to download.)


There are two pages: a front and a back. (These will be overlaid to create the finished Advent Calendar.)


Suggestion: I recommend doing this project WITHOUT children so they can be surprised by the images behind the doors.


2) Send it out to a printer.

You'll want to print on 11x17 cardstock. We chose glossy because it looks so sharp.


I used the Office Depot down the street and simply placed the order online. You can use any business that can print on 11x17 cardstock. You can email it to a printer, upload it to a website, or move it to a flash drive and take it to the print shop.


Suggestion: Print 2-3 copies of each page so you have a fresh copy in case you make a mistake.


3) Cut the doors of the first page.


Place the first page on a safe surface (that you're comfortable cutting on).


Using the metal-edged ruler as a guide, cut where you see the lines for the 3-sided door with the x-acto knife.


Try not to open or bend them.


Suggestion: Go slowly and take breaks. It requires focus and a steady hand.


4) Glue the back side of the first page.


Turn the first page over (carefully so as to protect the newly cut doors) and add glue from the glue stick to the areas outside the doors.


Important: Be sure to keep glue OFF the doors, otherwise the doors won't open!


5) Lay the first page on top of the second page.

Make sure the sides match perfectly, and then use your hands to smooth the entire top.


And there you have it! Your own Castlechanter Fairy Advent Calendar!


Download the 11x17 color printable HERE.

(Click the text above to download.)

COMING SOON: Castlechanter Fairy Audio Advent Calendar!


The Castlechanter Audio Advent Calendar launches December 1! You'll enjoy a new story-a-day from December 1 to 25.

Stay tuned!

If you have any questions, don't hesistate to ask:

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