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The Junkyard Tales Audio Advent Calendar!

The Junkyard Tales Audio Advent Calendar!

The Junkyard Tales Audio Advent Calendar!

It offers twenty-five stories for you to enjoy all the way from December 1st to December 25th.


This Christmas the Junkyard Warden has a challenge he doesn't know how to face - something that could change the Junkyard for good. Sergeant, the steadfast Junkyard watchdog alerts the other animals, and they immediately take it up. “We take care of each other,” they say, “Even though the Warden doesn’t know about us - he still needs our help.”

All 25 stories in this Audio Calendar are about how a community faces a difficult situation. By including everyone with their strengths and quirks, they not only solve what faces them, but they get closer in the process.

These stories are funny and delightful, and they demonstrate courage, authenticity, compassion, empathy and most of all - service.

Just like a paper Advent Calendar, this Collection offers one story per day. Each day you can log on and hear the latest adventure.

Listen to the first story here.

Heads Up: This first story is very engaging and will leave listeners wanting to hear the rest!

PLUS: A Free Junkyard Tales PRINTABLE Advent Calendar!

Junkyard Tales Audio Advent Calendar image for blog, centered

We couldn't resist creating a paper Advent Calendar to go with the Audio Advent Calendar.

Each of the little doors hides a clue to the matching story in the Junkyard Tales Audio Advent Calendar!

Download and print the 11x17 color printable here.

It takes a little parental cutting and glueing, and you'll have a little door to open with each day of the Audio Advent Calendar!

See our Advent Calendar tutorial for instructions.

(Click the link to view.)

Would you rather have an 8.5 x 11 version? Download it HERE.

AND MORE: Daily Printable Coloring Sheets!

Junkyard Printable Coloring Sheet for Blog

For each advent day, we offer another printable for you to download and enjoy on the blog.

Each printable accompanies the story of the day, has a character for you to color, and a question or activity to inspire your family beyond the listening time!

Just check in to the Sparkle Blog to find it.

"Can I give the Junkyard Tales Audio Advent Calendar as a Gift?"

M S Gift Christmas for blog, border, centered

Yes! The Junkyard Audio Advent Calendar is available for gifting NOW in the Sparkle Store.

Or, just give your friends and family the gift of a one-month Sparkle Stories Subscription for the month of December.

They'll be able to enjoy all of our many Christmas and Advent stories at the same time!

To answers to more questions, see our FAQ at the bottom.


Gift Martin Sylvia Sign for blog centered, border

Did you know you can gift anything in the Sparkle Store?

We have everything from 3-story Collections to 52-story Series. You'll find more stories for Christmas, Advent, Winter and beyond!

Visit the Sparkle Store.


Martin & Sylvia's Audio Advent Calendar!

M&S ADVENT for blog, centered white border

Twenty five magical days with Martin and Sylvia! You can spend all of December with the delightful brother and sister as they follow their own Advent adventure.

Find it on the Sparkle Subscription site.

Buy it in the Sparkle Store.

Or start your free trial and give it a listen! Use the code ADVENT for an extra five free days.

Martin & Sylvia's Christmastime Collection!

M&S Christmastime graphic for blog, border, centered

Christmas time is a particularly lovely time in Martin and Sylvia's home! Decorate, celebrate and share the magic along with the clever brother and sister. This collection contains three stories, each of which follow the events before Christmas as the creative brother and sister enjoy their favorite holiday traditions.

Find it on the Sparkle Subscription site.

Gift it in the Sparkle Store.

Or start your free trial and give it a listen!



Are the stories religious?

The Junkyard Advent stories have a secular relationship with Christmas - focused on service, gift-giving, and community celebration - but there are no religious references to Jesus and the traditional Christian Festival.

That being said, there are moments of grace and mystery and some of the imagery (a particularly bright star in the sky, travelers bringing gifts, spiritually informed dreams) does reference the original Christmas story.

How long are the stories?

The first story is 16 minutes long and the other 24 stories are between 12 and 20 minutes each - totaling over 7 full hours of content.

Do we only have access to one new story a day?

No, each story is readily available on the website, although, just like a paper Advent Calendar, it is best to enjoy one experience per day. We find it makes for a much more delightful holiday experience, and it becomes a community event - as we'll all be listening to it together.

Can we have them all at once?

Yes, this collection is available in the store here.

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