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Castlechanter Audio Advent Calendar Crafts and recipes: Week Four

Castlechanter Audio Advent Calendar Crafts and recipes: Week Four

This final week of the Fairy Advent Calendar is about slowing down, being close with loved ones, and being mindful. The end of advent is a time for introspection and going slow. Take it easy this week, make some tea and a snack, and maybe enjoy a little walk in nature.

Day Twenty-two:

Slow down today with some tea and a snack. Today’s story is filled with lots of rest and wonderful food. Try making this yummy, easy pine needle tea and maybe some popovers — just like in the story.

pine needle tea KC!
Evergreen Tea

Find the recipe HERE

popover pic 1

Find the recipe HERE

Day Twenty-three:

There are many ways to have a party that don’t involve a big fuss — a lesson that Oscar learns in this story. If you're curious to try a low-key sledding party, here are a few sledding tricks from Martin & Syliva.

Saturdays Printable 1 Free Sledding
Printable Project Page: Free Sledding

Find the tutorial HERE

Day Twenty-four:

Ahhh, it’s finally here — the winter spiral! There is something absolutely magical about winter spirals. Below is a full tutorial on how to create your own spiral and some DIY lanterns to walk with.

winter spiral 7
A Winter Spiral

Find the tutorial HERE

milk jug lanterns 7 || martin & sylvia more adventures!
Milk Jug Lanterns

Find the tutorial HERE

Day Twenty-five:

We’ve reached the end of our advent calendar. Today is a special day for reflection and stillness. If your little ones are having trouble relaxing today, try a few of our meditation exercises. And lastly, consider lighting a bonfire and making s’mores as a way to relax with your loved ones.


Find the post HERE

solstice bonfire s'mores 1|| at home with martin & sylvia
Solstice Bonfire S’mores

Find the recipe HERE

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