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FIFTY: The Stars, the States, the Stories — the Territories

September 18, 2018
FIFTY: The Stars, the States, the Stories — the Territories

FIFTY: the Stars, the States, and the Stories is a collection of stories that celebrates the magnificent experiment that is the United States of America.

In this collection of stories, we learn about the American Experiment through the experience of “regular folk” – one from each state, plus every district and territory. Rebels, industrialists, foresters, farmers, immigrants from every corner of the planet, and Native folk who have been here for a very long time — we meet them all in a moment of true citizenship: when they make the American Experiment their own.

And here’s the exciting news! The collection has officially expanded to include the United States Territories and the District of Columbia.

Shortly after we concluded the initial collection and sighed a deep outbreath of completion, hurricane Maria hit the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico. Seeing the Puerto Rican people work so hard to help each other made us realize that the Master Story of America is undisputably incomplete without stories from each of the Territories. For those of you who have listened to all 50 of the original stories, you will soon see how necessary these six are in painting the full picture. Enjoy!

These stories are all historical fiction — pulling from real historical and biographical facts — but “sparkled” into a narrative that engages and inspires. They are all developmentally appropriate for children 8 years and older.

Subscribers can find the full collection HERE.

The FIFTY collection is also available for purchase in our Sparkle Store and comes with a study guide inspiring further lessons and offering themes and ideas that can support children's growth and development.

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