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For Our Australian Friends: A Story About Fire and Loss

January 7, 2020
For Our Australian Friends: A Story About Fire and Loss

The bushfires that are taking hold of Australia and creating seemingly endless months of devastation are finally taking hold in our media cycle. With images and articles of the blaze all over the news, children and adults alike are left with some fear and anxiety.

For our Australian friends or anyone else affected by fire — we’d like to take this post to share with you a free story. It’s our best story to help children who have lost something through fire. You’ll find it here to stream or download for free.

Fire Fairies

Fire Fairies

For those of you who want to offer some special support for our friends in Australia, we've created a list of resources that we've found helpful. This post highlights all the information you should know about the fires and has an extensive list at the bottom of ways you can help through donations.

If monetary aid is something you cannot give at this moment, that’s okay. Even simply spreading awareness of this event by sharing this post is incredibly helpful.

For more stories to support children in the face of tragedy or loss, please see our previous post “You Are Safe and the World Is Good.” In it, you’ll find three free stories to help children with fear and worry.


This story has no Sparkle advertisement — only a short copyright tag at the end. It is intended as a gift to support families who may find it useful.

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