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Top 5 Resources for Highly Sensitive Kids

Life with a highly sensitive child can be an adventure full of richness and delight. We hope this information and these stories will help you to parent your little one as they grow strong and mighty in their special sensory gifts!

Our Favorite Online Homeschool Resources

Happily, homeschool resources have expanded immensely over the past several years and can offer counsel and direction for both new and seasoned homeschoolers. Here are some online and offline resources to help inspire and guide you if you are thinking about trying or are already in the thick of homeschooling.

Wonder as a Power Tool with Dr. Carrie Contey

Our days are filled with busyness and many many demands. Kids lives too are full. How do we cut through all of that to find a little extra joy and peace? Wonder! Listen to Lisabeth Sewell and Dr. Carrie Contey as they explore all the ways to enrich our days with a little wonder.

Sweet Summertime with Dr. Carrie Contey

Dr. Carrie Contey shares her best tips and tools for a sweet summertime in this enlightening conversation with Lisabeth.

Finding Our Superpowers with Dr. Carrie Contey

Dr. Carrie Contey shares her best tips and tools for finding our superselves in a power-packed video conversation with Lisabeth.

An Interview with Lisabeth for the Growth Mindset Parenting Summit

Lisabeth was honored to be a part of the Growth Mindset Parenting Summit, hosted by Amy Doeun. In this conversation, they talk about using stories to support a peaceful home.

Busy Hands, Calm Minds

Working with your hands can bring joy, a sense of calm, and a feeling of well-being.

10 Things to Remember for a Less Stressful Holiday Season

This time of year can easily leave us feeling overextended and overstressed. But remember this: the holidays are for you, too! We've partnered with our friends Maren & Angela of Homeschool Unrefined to offer some practical tips and resources to help you and your family stay grounded. Read on for their suggestions!

Gratitude Momma Lectures

Need some quick, easy ways to help you access gratitude? Here are five great hacks to help you see the beauty in your every day.

The Power of Simple Kindness

Kindness doesn't need to be in the form of a huge feat that everyone knows about. Instead, it can come by way of small actions that are easily done every day.

Audio Stories to Help Kids Sleep

Sometimes our little ones fight the urge to settle into sleep routines. This can be frustrating for parents to say the least! We’ve gathered some of our best insights, tips, and of course stories to provide some support.

Sparkle Stories Back to School Guide Printable

With school starting again, we've rounded up all of our best back-to-school content in one place. We’ve gathered some of our best stories along with helpful guides on how to use them for parents and teachers. You’ll also find some of our favorite back-to-school projects, recipes, and crafts.

Momma Lecture: Push Back Against the American Work Ethic

Do less today. Remove things from your to do list. Remember that connection, play, and creativity bring the most satisfaction, and that's what makes for a meaningful life.

Momma Lectures: A Pass from the Principal's Office

Today, write yourself a pass. If you could play hooky from one thing, or break one of your own daily rules, just for fun, what would you do? Write it out and DO it.

How Does Screen Time Impact Kids?

Screens can offer opportunities for education and entertainment, but too much screen time can have a negative impact on our kids. It's good to check gut feelings against scientific research, so join us as we dig into these studies!

Best Streaming Services for Kids

Review the top options for streaming children’s content and compare with Sparkle Stories' carefully-crafted audio stories for kids.

How to Reduce Screen Time for Kids

What are the impacts of screen time? Is it really all that bad? Digging into the facts sometimes results in mixed messages. To build healthy habits, parents may do well to combine what they can glean from current research (link to new blog post) with their own intuition.

Tips to Get Kids Off Screens

How do you get your family off screens? We cover the basics of what's worked in our own families, as well as practical tips, suggestions, and solutions!

Support for Children with the War on Ukraine - New Story

Here's a NEW soothing story – "Pomichnik the Steppe Lemming" — to support children and families with the war on Ukraine.

Sylvia’s Magic Belly Tea

In the Martin & Sylvia Learning Days story “A Science Potion for Halloween,” the children have worries about how they’ll feel after the upcoming Halloween Ball. Momma shows them that they can make “potions” with things they have in their pantry and yard, just like herbalists have done for centuries.

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