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Momma Lectures: A Pass from the Principal's Office

Momma Lectures: A Pass from the Principal's Office

Welcome to Momma Lectures! Lisabeth Sewell, Head of All Things here at Sparkle Stories, shares some advice or helpful thinking. Today’s topic? Today, write yourself a pass. If you could play hooky from one thing, or break one of your own daily rules, just for fun, what would you do? Write it out and DO it. Watch “A Pass from the Principal's Office” and read more from Lisabeth about what inspired it below.

The morning I recorded this video, I was looking at my stacked schedule and thinking about the ways I and my friends push ourselves so hard. I recognized that if my friend group is any sampling of parents in the U.S. then I know a good proportion of you are doing it too. I get it — we want a lot for ourselves and our kids. But it’s good to shake it up. Play and rest are essential to wellbeing. So I gave myself — and you — a pass!

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Teach Your Littles That Play and Rest Are Important for Bigs, Too

Our kids pay closer attention to what we do than what we say. What are you showing them about adulthood? That we work until we drop? (Or we work until we are so cranky, we no longer enjoy life?)

Kids need to see that we can cut ourselves slack, we can choose joy, we can shake things up in the name of wellbeing. That way they will do the same for themselves!

Important to remember: sometimes your “pass” is to stop and be playful with your children, but sometimes your “pass” is to be alone, or with your friends, or to do something just for you. Your kids ALSO need to see you choose what lights you up.

Prompt for journaling: How can taking care of ourselves in this way set a good example for our kids? How can we model this healthy habit? Also start to consider what it might look like for them to practice the principles of this message in their own ways.

Stories to Teach the Value of Play

Horse at Play

By Thistle By Thimble

A young racehorse seems destined for greatness — and boy is she fast! But as soon as she hits the racetrack, her force of motion dwindles. It takes an enlightened trainer, a surprising jockey, and a magic ingredient for this young horse to show her gifts in the ultra-competitive world of horse racing. And that magic ingredient? Play.

Horse at Play

Horse at Play

Beaver Days

Junkyard Tales

The Junkyard animals don’t know what to do. It is the All Clear Common, when no one works and the animals do things that are fun and relaxing. But no one has any good ideas — not until Fredland the Moose arrives with an exciting invitation: come to “Beaver Days” where the forest animals meet at the lake to play games, run races, and eat all sorts of yummy food! The Junkyard Animals have an adventure they could never have imagined on their own.

The Playhouse

Martin & Sylvia

Daddy has noticed something new about Martin and Sylvia’s play time: the children tend to do only what Martin wants to do. And Daddy knows that Sylvia has wonderfully imaginative ideas. So he decides to build a little possibility onto their playhouse and surprise them all. 17 min 4+

Projects and Activities to Inspire Play

Indoor Obstacle Course

If it's rainy and cold where you are, you don't need a gym or special equipment to set up your own obstacle course. With just a few common household items and a little space, you can quickly have your kids off to the races — trying to beat their best times and burning off some of that “stuck inside” energy. Find the tutorial here.

Fairy Teepee

This sweet teepee makes a perfect getaway for any local fairies (or favorite dolls) who need a special spot to relax in the great outdoors.

Mudpies and Mud ball Critters

This fun and creativity-inspiring tutorial to make your own mudpies and mudball critters is perfect to encourage learning through play! Digging your fingers into mud is one of those simple childhood joys that children never grow tired of.

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Lisabeth Sewell has worn many hats at Sparkle over the years, from Sparkle Kitchen Blogger to Editorial Director to Doer of All Odd Jobs. Her primary role is as CEO.

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