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Mud Pies and Mud Ball Critters

Mud Pies and Mud Ball Critters

This fun, simple tutorial for making mud pies and mud ball critters is inspired by the adventures of Martin & Sylvia in the "Nature School" collection. From wild craft cooking to outdoor games to building projects to tree identification, Nature School makes up a year of learning and fun for brother and sister!

Read along to get started and dig in.

Stories to Inspire!

In this Martin and Sylvia Nature School story, "Pretend Poetry", there has been a string of warm days where brother and sister live.  Consequently, Sylvia wonders if Spring has arrived. Daddy — and then Sofia — assure her that Winter would return. However, t it isn't until Mrs. Brown explores the "pretend Spring" through Haiku poetry that Sylvia truly understands.

Playing with mud can be much like visual poetry. You can mold it and shape it just like you can words and syllables in a Haiku.

This fun and creativity-inspiring tutorial to make your own mudpies and mudball critters is perfect to encourage learning through play!

Digging your fingers into mud is one of those simple childhood joys that children never grow tired of. In fact, Sparkle is full of stories that help kids connect with the outdoors (and get their hands dirty in the process!).

Another darling Martin & Sylvia Story, "Lemons and Mud", is perfect to help little ones get inspired about creative play and resourcefulness! This is where magic, creativity, and learning flourish! Give this fun Sparkle Craft a try after listening to one of these featured stories (in fact you can explore this entire playlist of stories to inspire outdoor play).

Let's Get Started!


Some of my fondest memories are spending hours in our garden with a bucket of dirt and small containers. Now, I watch my own children get lost in the magical art of making mud pies and mud ball critters.

The best part of this mud craft project is that you most likely already have everything your child will need. Even if you only have a small porch with no yard, you can get started with a bucket and a bag of top soil.


You will need:

  • soil

  • water

  • cups, bowls, jugs, plates, muffin tins, pie pans, spice shakers, recycled containers, sifters, spoons, etc.

  • treasures from nature: leaves, flowers, grass, twigs, bark, berries, pebbles, seeds, seashells, etc.

How to Make Mud Pies

Step 1: First, slowly add water to the soil until you reach the desired consistence. With younger children I sometimes pre-mix the mud to give them a good starting point for making mud pies. Other times I let them experiment and give them the freedom to mix the soil and water to their heart’s desire.


Step 2: Next, invite your child to gather treasure from nature with you. This is often half the fun. Gather materials from your yard, when you are at the park, or on a walk through your neighborhood. Some children like to keep their nature materials in small containers while others simply pile them up or add them all at once to their pie or soup.


Step 3: Now, sit back and watch as your child creates the most scrumptious dishes. My children often reproduce the meals we have recently made in the “inside” kitchen and love to show off their own versions.


Tip: “Washing dishes” just like mom and dad is a great way to transition to the next activity. A big bowl or bucket with water works well and the sun will take care of drying everything.

How to Make Mud Ball Critters

The idea for mud ball critters came from a group of children in my summer camps. One child proudly showed off her perfectly round mud ball. Another child said “Hey, that looks like a head.” Eyes, nose and mouth were added and mud ball critters were born. We have been making them ever since.

Step 1: Gather bits and pieces from nature with your child that can be used for eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hairs.

Step 2: Slowly add water to soil until the right consistency is reached. If it’s too dry, the soil won’t stick together. If it’s too wet it won’t hold it’s round shape.


Step 3: Show your child how to shape a ball with their hands.

Step 4: Now, they are ready use the nature materials to turn the mud ball into a face.


This is a fun activity for the whole family, a birthday party or an afternoon spent with friends and neighbors. Why not create a whole mud ball critter family or set up an art show displaying everyone’s critter? And of course, you can always make up a story about your mud critter.

For more nature and play focused ideas that nurture your child’s imagination and creativity visit Entangled Harmony.

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