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Original Stories from Our Partner, Restorative Storytelling

Original Stories from Our Partner, Restorative Storytelling

Have you ever wanted to tell your own original stories to your children? Listen in on these six stories written and recorded by students from the Restorative Storytelling program. These storytellers are a part of a group of people who have chosen to use storytelling in their teaching, leadership, parenting, community development, and therapy practices. Each one of them is learning to tell stories from their own unique lived experience.

As you will hear, each story is very different as the content, voice, and experience of each storyteller is unique. One teller is from the Philippines and built a story around the folktales she grew up hearing. Another teller is from Brazil and is currently working with children in Toronto — her story is about bringing a lively music event to an otherwise hushed part of the forest. We have a story about a turtle making a new friend, a gull learning to leave the nest, an herbalist's daughter who finds her confidence, and a neurodiverse gnome who is able to shine when the stakes are highest.

We truly hope you enjoy these stories! We look forward to finding new ways to bring fresh voices and stories to the Sparkle Stories library. And if you would like to learn to tell stories like this, check out the Restorative Storytelling programs.

Listen to the stories here!

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