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Gratitude Momma Lectures

Gratitude Momma Lectures

The positive impact of gratitude has been widely researched for decades, from the psychological impact (less depression, more joy, better focus) to the physiological impact (better sleep, less inflammation) to relationships (marriage and friendship). When you experience true gratitude, it can make your whole body light up with warmth and joy. It simply feels good, and those good feelings can affect everything you say and do, particularly when it comes to family and parenting.

Practice is the key, right? But, does it work for you? It can be hard. Sitting down at night to write out ten things you’re grateful for — particularly if you’re feeling run down or anxious — is an exercise in frustration. Yes, you can write down what you’re grateful for, or even bring those things to mind, but sometimes, it’s hard to feel them. So instead of joy, all you feel is worry — why, when I think of all the things that are supposed to make me happy, do I feel flat?

You’re not alone. Our Head of All Things here at Sparkle, Lisabeth Sewell, can relate to all of it. And, she has come up with five simple ways to help you see and appreciate (and feel!) the beauty in your every day without feeling overwhelmed.

Gratitude Hack #1: Finding DELIGHT in the little things can be just as powerful as feeling gratitude and it’s a lot easier.

Gratitude Hack #2 Steeping yourself in PLEASURE can get you to the same place as a gratitude practice — think warm baths every day, really long hugs, and chocolate.

Gratitude Hack #3 Allow your COMMUNITY to support your gratitude. Try surrounding yourself with others who are truly grateful themselves and vibe off their high vibrations.

Gratitude Hack #4 The 2% RULE, a life trick of Dr. Kim Deramo, tells us that opening up just a little space can help good feelings grow.

Gratitude Hack #5 It’s easy to want things. Sometimes just WANTING to be grateful is enough.


We hope at least one of these tools will help you find little gratitude in life. All the people around you will benefit — especially you and your kiddos.

About the Author

Suzanne Loring

Creative Contributor

A New England girl at heart, Suzanne hails from the Green Mountains of Vermont where she rides boards and bikes, climbs rocks, and runs trails with her two boys, husband, and pup, Jango. She can usually be found reading a book or writing (and rewriting) her first novel.

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