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It's a Libby & Dish Holiday! Libby & Dish Good Deed a Day Club

It's a Libby & Dish Holiday! Libby & Dish Good Deed a Day Club

Looking for something a little different this year for advent? Why not join Libby & Dish for their Good-Deed-A-Day Club? We've got everything right here to get you started!

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Libby & Dish's Good-Deed-A-Day Club

On the first day of December, Libby receives some holiday wisdom from her cat Dish and her neighbor’s dog Chad. They teach her what comes to be known as the “dog trick,” or the powerfully positive effect of doing nice things for others. When Libby describes this to her friends Morgan and Juan Paco, suddenly a new adventure is born: a Good-Deed-A-Day Club! They decide that for every day in December, they will do something nice for someone else. The result is not only pure holiday delight, but also a chance to learn about how others celebrate during this time of year.

Perfect for ages 3+

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Printable Calendar: Libby & Dish Good-Deed-A-Day Club

To go along with the stories we have a printable calendar and a Parent Cheat Sheet.

If you haven't heard the stories before, listen to the first one FREE below:

The First Good Deed (Libby's Mother)

The First Good Deed (Libby's Mother)

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