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Launched! How to Be Super Book Three: The Bridge Between

It's finally here! Our latest twenty-story collection in the How to Be Super series!

Book Three: "The Bridge Between"

This collection follows Book Two: Light of Olympus. If you are familiar with these stories, you know how kids can't wait to hear the next one!

Perfect for ages 9+.

(Although 6's and 7's are enjoying too.)



This collection focuses on Selena, one of the four initiates that joined Dante in his training and mission to join the Violet Crown.

Selena, however, has chosen to represent the opposing side: The Titans – or Giants. How could that be? Does she know something that the Olympians don’t?

In this series we see how Selena came to be the incarnation of Gaia, the most powerful of all the Gods and Goddesses and how she attempts to bridge the gap between the Gods and Giants. But there is a group she has not considered yet – a group more powerful than either she or Dante realized.


We will be launching a story a week, starting today!

Find the first "Bridge Between" story here.


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Book One: The Violet Crown

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The Violet Crown is an epic tale of powerful heroes who defy the ambitious gods of that land. They are stories of discovery, friendship, battle and betrayal.

And they all take place in modern day downtown Austin, Texas!

At the center of the Violet Crown stories is Dante Lee, a misfit 12-year-old from the Crestview neighborhood in Austin, who discovers that he is actually one of 5 initiates into a secretive band of superheroes called the Violet Crown.

Parents warning: when your children start this collection, they won't want to stop!


The First Five Violet Crown Stories

Dive into the collection with these five stories. To hear the rest, simply subscribe to our free trial!

Part One: The Welcome Wall


We are introduced to Dante and his single mother. On the morning of his 12th birthday, he experiences something incredible: he is struck by lightning. He is fine, but it begins a series of events that leads him to the neighborhood welcome wall where he receives a message that changes everything.

The Violet Crown-1-Welcome Wall

Part Two: The Restaurant


We are introduced to Dante’s grandfather who gives him a birthday present: a week in a summer ‘wayfinding’ camp where he will be with kids like him – kids who like maps. But when he gets home, he discovers that this camp is much more than just about maps.

The Violet Crown-2-The Restaurant

Part Three: The Museum


Dante closes out his sixth grade school year with a trip to the Elisabet Ney Museum, the famous Victorian Sculptress. When he inquires about a painting of what looks like a Violet Crown, the docent quietly singles him out and invites him to a special event at the University Campus – an event that should explain everything.

The Violet Crown-3-The Museum

Part Four: the Sculptures


Dante is introduced to the four other 12-year-olds that are being inducted into the Violet Crown: Lance, Selena, Manny, and Kate. They gather by a series of sculptures and learn what they all have in common.

The Violet Crown-4-The Sculptures

Part Five: The Tower


Dante and his new friends learn about the history of the Violet crown, and meet their trainers: Lizzie - a kind college student, El Arma – a dynamic graffiti and hip-hop artist, Mona – a sweet older woman who seems to live on the street, and Bruce Donaldson – a long-haired and bearded old-school Austin musician.

The Violet Crown-5-The Tower


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