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Meet Martin & Sylvia!

Meet Martin & Sylvia!

Martin and Sylvia were our very first Sparkle characters. We love them dearly and we know you will, too — if you haven't met them already. These two are kind, compassionate, adventurous, and fun. They are always ready to explore new places and meet new people.

We've gathered some fun facts about Martin and Sylvia to help your get to know them a little better.

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Martin is the delightful older brother in all of the various Martin & Sylvia Series. Known for his bright ideas, his enterprising spirit, and his kind heart, this seven-year-old boy finds adventure at all turns and in all seasons.

  • Age: 7
  • Favorite foods: Mrs. Brown's apple turnovers, breakfast tacos, lemon bars
  • Dislikes: "Sylvia foot sauce"
  • Favorite activities: Making inventions, riding his bike, playing Sylvia, reading books, sledding
  • Friends: Sasha, Sam, Griffen
  • Super Power: can put things together – whether it is an engineering project, a family event, or a playdate, he knows how to get all the parts working so that there is flow and purpose
  • He won a pie baking contest with a pie that had apples and bacon crumbles in it


  • Age: 5
  • Likes: her pets Bill Bill and Pickles, breakfast tacos, lemon bars, being with her family
  • Dislikes: being without Martin, long car rides
  • Favorites activites: bulding fairy houses, helping with summer canning (mostly squishing tomatoes with her feet), going to the library, and playing in the backyard with Martin
  • Friends: Jonathan, Sofia
  • Super Power: able to find something fun in any situation, even when she is grumpy. She is a spotter of the magical, a detective of delight
  • Sylvia sprained her arm once jumping off the tree swing into a pile of leaves

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