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Meet the HTBS Characters!

Meet the HTBS Characters!

If you've been following along with our HTBS superheroes, you've come on a very long journey. We very excited about the new HTBS Missions collection.


Here's a little bit about it:


Young superheroes Dante, Selena, Lance, Manny and Kate have pledged to refrain from using their superpowers until they are legal adults, but perilous situations arise that call for their immediate action. When faced with the challenge to contain rogue forces, save innocent bystanders, and learn more about the mysterious Traveler, the five friends embark on a series of missions together — all under the radar of their parents and teachers.


Maybe it's been a while since you've visted our HTBS characters? Below is a little hello from each one.



Dante Lee


Dante is a misfit 12-year-old from the Crestview neighborhood in Austin who discovers that he is actually one of five initiates into a secretive band of superheroes called the Violet Crown.





Lance is a twelve-year-old initiate into the Violet Crown, along with Dante. He's a happy-go-lucky hero with a keen sense of sacrifice. Lance is the incarnation of Ajax.





Selena is one of the four initiates in the Violet Crown. She is the incarnation of Gaia, the most powerful of the Gods & Goddesses. Her goal is to bridge the gap between the Gods and Giants.





Kate is the incarnation of Persephone. When she is bright and shiny she is full of powerful delight, but when she feels dark, watch out! Kate is clear on the right thing to do.





Manny, the incarnation of Cyclops, is a mechanical genius and master tinkerer. He is also one of the twelve-year-old initiates into the Violet Crown.

Looking to start the How to Be Super Series? Look no further. Below are links to all the books.






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