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New Collection! "Loving Our Grands: Stories for Appreciation and Understanding of our Elders"

September 5, 2018
New Collection! "Loving Our Grands: Stories for Appreciation and Understanding of our Elders"

We've just launched a new collection inspired by Sparkle family requests. We know how hard it can be for children to see and understand the changes that come with aging grandparents, from changing abilities to dementia. And we also want to inspire our young ones to value the "wisdom phase" of life. Our elders have so much to bring to us in terms of perspective, vision, and wisdom.


And so we're excited to announce:

Loving Our Grands: Stories for Appreciation and Understanding of our Elders (three story collection)


This collection of three stories support children in understanding, relating to, and honoring the elders in their lives. The narratives create space for families to value the unique wisdom that our elders possess. These stories are a part of the Helping & Healing series and address topics ranging from changing abilities to dementia.

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The collection includes three stories:

Grandpa Red-Crest's Memory Nest

from the Sparkle Sleepytime story series

Little Bluebill, a pileated woodpecker, discovers that his beloved Grandpa Red-Crest is having trouble with his memory. After wrestling with this sad news, his mother suggests a plan to help that offers comfort, excitement, and a special challenge for Little Bluebill.

The Elders of Smoke Cove

from the By Thistle By Thimble story series

The tribal people of Elrikone were similar to most other tribes except for one thing: instead of being governed by a warrior king, their leadership consisted of a council of elderly women. Would this council be able to fend off the fiercest tribe in the land when attack is imminent? Luckily, their age and experience help them find a creative solution.

Poppi's Birthday

from the Martin & Sylvia story series

When Martin and Sylvia learn that their grandparents will be visiting just in time for Poppi’s birthday, they get busy planning the activities — but then need to curb their enthusiasm when Momma warns them that Poppi won’t be able to join in some of their more active adventures this time. How will the fun change now that their grandparents are getting older?

Projects to Go Along

Gluten Free TeaCakes 2

Momma B's Tea Cakes

Tea cakes are simple to make and not too sweet — the perfect treat to enjoy at tea time, just like Martin does in "Poppi’s Birthday" from the Loving Our Grands story collection.

Find it here.

memory book cover image

Memory Book

This memory book is a great way for children to connect with the their elders. The goal is not to create the complete memory book of a grandparent's life, but to capture a few moments that will spark memory and connection between that grandparent and others. This project goes with "Grandpa Red-Crest's Memory Nest".

Find it here.

This week's playlist is called Honoring Our Elders: Stories of Appreciation. Throughout our long history on the planet, our elders have been honored for their experience, their wisdom, and their inclination to pass down information needed by the young. In modern society, we sometimes forget this. Here are some stories to help connect to this ancient tradition.

Find the Playlist HERE.


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