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Avast Ye! Announcin’ th’ Newest Sparkle Tales!

Avast Ye! Announcin’ th’ Newest Sparkle Tales!

Are ye ready fer some pirate adventures? How about a month o' tales about seven lasses aboard a pirate ship?

If yes, then we have some wonderful stories for you. Today we're launching our newest story collection:

Windward Ho!

Eleven episodes, shared over the month of October, ending on Halloween.

Perfect for ages 7+.

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Meet Captain Wink

The story starts with Periwinkle MacKenzie, who finds herself the winner of a wonderful contest. She's invited to meet the author of her favorite book series, The Windward Chronicles, and to spend the day on a model of the very pirate ship featured in the books.

One problem: on this magical Halloween day, she and six other girls find themselves transported to the middle of the ocean, the pirate ship theirs to captain!

Luckily, Wink has read every book multiple times and knows the ship — "The Windward" — from top to bottom, so she overcomes her shyness and learns to lead her new pirate crew.

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This girls work together to achieve a single goal: to return home safely. (But oh, are there some great adventures on the way!)

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Storybox Playlist: Stories of Strong Girls

It's our mission to share stories that model the wonderful ways that girls (and boys) can be, to bust open some of the limitations of older "stories" about gender, and to invite new possibilities for younger generations.

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Story Schedule & Listening Tips

We'll be sharing the stories over the course of October, so come aboard and join us! The first three stories launch October 3rd, then we'll be sharing a story each Wednesday and Saturday all the way up to Wednesday, October 31st – Halloween!

If you'd like to be the first to know when the newest story is live, be sure to turn your Notifications to "ON" in your Sparkle iOS App Settings.

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Simply choose "Settings" from the upper left menu. You'll see the Notifications setting at the top! (We don't yet have notifications for our Android App – coming soon!)

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Can younger children enjoy this story?

We've marked this collection as 7+, as the girls are suddenly adrift on a pirate ship without adults to help them. This is central to the narrative: the courageous way the children take up the challenge is inspiring. However younger listeners may find this unsettling.

Additionally their adventure includes moments of tension, including the onset of a storm and the arrival of some "real" pirates. All of these challenges are handled with skill and humor, but there are moments when the characters feel genuine worry and fear.

As with all of our stories, younger children enjoy the stories as well. We encourage you to review and decide what's right for your family.

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Questions about this collection?

Email us! We love hearing from you, and are always happy to answer any question you might have.


Episode One: Periwinkle's Parrot

Episode One: Periwinkle's Parrot

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