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Our Nine Favorite Homemade Holiday Gifts

November 30, 2017
Our Nine Favorite Homemade Holiday Gifts

These nine projects make for wonderful holiday gifts, whether you make them for friends and family (with the help of children!) or you create them for the members of your own dear home.

The best part is: each craft has a story that goes along!

sock bunny 18 |www.sparklestories.com| at home with martin & sylvia

Sock Bunny

This week's craft is a good example of using something you might throw away — an old pair of socks — and makes it into a new toy for a child. It's a quick project to make for your child and it would also be a great first sewing project for older kids!

Find the tutorial HERE.

Snowman Mug Buddies CC

Snowman Mug Buddies

These adorable little snowmen are a great activity for a cold day spent indoors. The Sculpy is easy and fun for little hands to shape.

Find the tutorial HERE.

morse code bracelets 12 |www.sparklestories.com| the willowbee tree

Morse Code Bracelets

Sometimes we all need a little reminder of the value of who we are. Whether you call it a “mantra” or “choosing a word” to focus on, it's always nice to have a reminder of what makes you unique when life gets difficult. These bracelets put that chosen word right where you'll see it every day - in a colorful morse code!

Find the tutorial HERE.

DIY Wooden Buildings

DIY Wooden Buildings

Would you like to design and build a little town of your own? Why not start with some handmade wooden buildings!

Find the tutorial HERE.

the willowbee cowl 1| www.sparklestories.com| the willowbee tree

The Willowbee Cowl

Cowls are great for kids because, unlike a scarf, they will stay put for running and play. They're also quick to knit!

Find the tutorial HERE.

Sparkle Stories - Scrap Basket Softie

Scrap Basket Softie

With a few fabric scraps and a little time at the sewing machine, you can make your own stuffed friend, or even a whole stuffed menagerie!

Find the tutorial HERE.

milk and oatmeal bath powder 9 | www.sparklestories.com| so many fairies

Milk and Oatmeal Soap

Our recipe is great for soothing skin, whether dry from winter weather or itchy from insect bites. Milk is combined with oatmeal for an extra punch of moisturizing goodness.

Find the tutorial HERE.

Collapsible Play Tent Tutorial

Collapsible Play Tent

With just a little time spent at the workbench and behind the sewing machine, you can create a collapsible play tent for your little ones. Perfect for a surprise holiday gift!

Find the tutorial HERE.

Sparkle Stories - DIY Colorful Silhouettes

DIY Colorful Silhouettes

Start a family portrait wall with these colorful silhouettes! Littles can easily help create the colorful paper.

Find the tutorial HERE.

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