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Sparkle Craft: A Special Valentine Tote

Sparkle Craft: A Special Valentine Tote

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful reminder (and motivator) to make a point of spreading love to family and friends. While there are many different ways to show people you care, cards and chocolate-somethings tend to be a big part of the February 14 tradition.

Why not add a little sparkle (see what we did there?) to your gift giving and card gathering this year by making a special Valentine Tote? We've got one inspired by Martin and Sylvia in Secret Love Code, one of three adventures from their Valentine's Day collection. Easy to make and fun to decorate, this unique gift bag is a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

What you’ll need: - Two pieces of standard paper - Tape - Scissors - Hole puncher (optional) - Ribbon (optional)

Make your own today by following these six simple steps:

Step 1:

Decorate one side of each sheet of paper using a Valentine theme — hearts, someone's name, or just a design that comes from you.

Valentine's Tote Bag - Step 1 2023

Step 2:

Tape the two pieces of paper together with the designs facing in the same direction. Fold one side in so its edge lands halfway across the paper. Then fold the other the same way so the two sides meet in the middle.

Valentine's Tote Bag - Step 2 2023

Step 3:

Tape the two sides together and fold the bottom up about two inches.

Valentine's Tote Bag - Step 3 2023

Step 4:

Open the bottom fold up so that the inside of the paper is showing. Fold the top half of the fold halfway down and the bottom of the fold halfway up so they meet in the middle. Tape them together.

Valentine's Tote Bag - Step 4 2023

Step 5:

Tape the edges of the fold and open up the bag. Fold the top down about an inch.

Valentine's Tote Bag - Step 5 2023

Step 6: To add a tie, open up the fold and using your hole punch add two holes next to each other above the fold line. Put the ribbon through the holes so that the ends are away from you. Fold the top back down and tie your bow.

TA-DAHHHHH! This gift bag/card tote/candy carrier is now ready to start spreading the love before it’s even opened.

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