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Sparkle Craft: Martin & Sylvia's Colorable Ornaments for Advent

Sparkle Craft: Martin & Sylvia's Colorable Ornaments for Advent

One of my favorite memories of last year's Christmas season is of my son crawling into bed with me on cold December mornings and asking, “Mom can we listen to the Martin & Sylvia Audio Advent Calendar for today?” The short, sweet stories were so perfect for an extra ten minutes of snuggling. How could I say no?

sparkle advent ornaments 24 || martin & sylvia's audio advent calendar

For this year's calendar, our lovely Sparkle Stories artists have made a beautiful set of printable ornaments to go along with the Sparkle Audio Advent Calendar (learn more about it with the Advent Cheat Sheet). Whether you listen snuggled in bed or around the table or in the car, your kiddos can color one every day to help count the days to Christmas.

But once you have them colored in, you'll definitely want to display them. Here are three easy ideas for doing just that.
sparkle advent ornaments 17 || martin & sylvia's audio advent calendar

For all three you'll need to print the Sparkle Advent Calendar ornaments. (They'll hold up best if you print them on card stock.) You'll also need some baker's twine or ornament hooks, and a hole punch to make a tidy hole in the top of each ornament.

m&s printable ornaments image for blog

Download the Printable Ornaments

Choose the display that you like best, and let's get started.

sparkle advent ornaments 8 || martin & sylvia's audio advent calendar

Scandinavian-Inspired Wreath


A handful of artificial winter greenery, berries, and/or ornaments

16-inch wire wreath hoop (typically available for a few dollars in the floral section of your craft store)

Floral wire


sparkle advent ornaments 10 || martin & sylvia's audio advent calendar

I am a huge fan of using real greenery for Christmas, but I recommmend artificial greenery for this particular project since it would be very difficult to keep the fresh greenery moist all month without also fatally wetting the paper ornaments.

sparkle advent ornaments 25 || martin & sylvia's audio advent calendar

To start, lay the hoop out on a table in front of you like you're looking at a clock. Arrange the greenery, berries, and ornaments so that they will drape from 12 to 9, then use the floral wire to secure the stems to the wire hoop. Hang the hoop with a nail or wreath hanger.

sparkle advent ornaments 27 || martin & sylvia's audio advent calendar

When you're ready to add the ornaments, tie a short length of baker's twine through the hole in the top of each ornament, then tie the ornaments around the bottom edge of the hoop.

sparkle advent ornaments 11 || martin & sylvia's audio advent calendar

Wispy Winter Tree


A small bunch of bare branches or sticks, about 24 inches long

Jar or clear vase

1 small strand of battery powered twinkle lights



I love going on winter walks with my kids to collect sticks for this kind of project, but if that's not do-able for you because of where you live, remember, you can get sticks — often some really glittery and fun sticks — at the craft store, too!

sparkle advent ornaments 18 || martin & sylvia's audio advent calendar

Once you have your sticks, find a jar or vase that is proportionate, then put the twinkle lights inside. Tape the light switch to the outside of the back of the jar, then arrange the sticks amidst the lights.

sparkle advent ornaments 32 || martin & sylvia's audio advent calendar

To display the ornaments, use hooks or baker's twine to hang them from the branches.

sparkle advent ornaments 28 || martin & sylvia's audio advent calendar

Madcap Crazy Garland


4-6 holiday garlands, lengths of ribbon, or whatever other “drape-able” items you may have

1 strand of twinkle lights


While I love elegant, matching holiday displays, with young kids in the house, our style of decorating tends towards Popsicle stick ornaments and finger-painted Rudolphs. And you know what? I actually love that, too.

If you're in the same boat, I say own it with this madcap garland.

sparkle advent ornaments 21|| martin & sylvia's audio advent calendar

The trick is to not get too fussy. I bought exactly one garland for this project. The rest were all tucked in our basement. They aren't the same style. They don't match. But when you hang them all together, it's kind of whimsical, right?

sparkle advent ornaments 16 || martin & sylvia's audio advent calendar

The only “rule” is that the garlands need to be about the same length. The desired length will depend on where you want the garlands to hang, but you should generally figure that you need something the same length of your space plus about 2 feet to give the garland some room to drape.

sparkle advent ornaments 23 || martin & sylvia's audio advent calendar

Once the garlands are hung, wrap the whole thing loosely in a strand of twinkle lights. (If you use battery operated lights, you can tuck the switch up under one of the ends where no one can see it.)

sparkle advent ornaments 7 || martin & sylvia's audio advent calendar

Last, but not least, add your Sparkle Advent Calendar ornaments each day, using either hooks or baker's twine.

Happy holidays!

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