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sparkle craft: leadership word stones

sparkle craft: leadership word stones

This week at Sparkle Stories, we are focusing our energy on true models of leadership. In recent months and weeks we've seen many different forms of leadership in the media, some being inspiring and uplifting and others lacking that knack for guiding listeners in a kind and compassionate direction.

In this craft post we are going to make a simple craft to inspire children to be true leaders. Often when we wish to accomplish something or bring focus to the day, it is helpful to have a "guide word." Even children can have a guide word or phrase. This craft is inspired by a child's love of finding beautiful objects (very often stones and rocks) and words to inspire leadership.

A child (and adults, too) can find themselves the leader of a group without realizing it. Maybe they are very charismatic and kind and other children look up to them. Of maybe your child is in a situation where they need to be good ambassadors (like at a rival school's sports game). This is where these little stones can come in handy. They easily fit in your pocket or purse or backpack. You can make lots of them and pull a new one out every morning or as the situation arises.

leadership word stones 4|| sparkle schoolhouse

For this tutorial, I chose 8 words that are inspiring to me – but there are so many more. Begin by making your own list of words on a separate piece of paper. Brainstorm with your child – they may come up with words that are personally meaningful to them.

Leadership Word Stones

leadership word stones 2|| sparkle schoolhouse


  • 8 or more smooth stones (washed and dried of dirt if necessary)
  • Permanent marker in your chosen color
  • List of inspiring words

How to:

leadership word stones 3|| sparkle schoolhouse

After you have brainstormed your or your child's word list, gather your materials. Then simply write with permanent marker one word or phrase on each stone.

I put all my stones in a basket and pull one out in the morning to inspire myself as a mother to lead my family each day.

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