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Sparkle Craft: Out and About Art Box

Sparkle Craft: Out and About Art Box

(This project accompanies the Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! story “A Better Way.”)

Life for little ones is very full. Each day is an adventure filled with so much new. New places. New people. New experiences. New learning. It can be a lot to take in and a lot to process. Little ones, just like grown-ups, need to have tools in their toolboxes for processing the days happenings – the good, the bad, and the in-between.

My little ones almost always turn to art as a means for processing. It’s possible that they just might have picked that up from their mama. At home they have shelves filled with all the tools they need, but sometimes that processing doesn’t happen within our four walls. Sometimes it needs to happen while we’re out and about – whether on a trip, waiting at a doctors office or just decompressing at the playground after a long day of learning.

To make room for the making that doesn’t happen in our house, the out and about art box is just the thing!

You Will Need

Plastic tool or tackle box

Mod podge

Tissue paper


Paint brush

Art supplies

What To Do

Choose your box. You’ll want a box that is big enough to carry a small variety of materials, without being so big that it is cumbersome to carry. Ours is about 12-inches long by 6-inches wide by 6-inches tall.


Decorate the box. If your art box has a tray inside, remove it before decorating. You won’t be decorating the tray. Cut your tissue paper into squares. Using your paintbrush, brush a thin layer of modpodge over a section of the inside of the art box. Layer tissue paper on top, trying your best to keep it nice and smooth. Keep going until the entire box inside is covered. Then, use the modpodge to add a final top coat.


Choose the art supplies. The first thing you’ll have to be mindful of are the space constraints of the box. You’ll also need to consider which supplies are well-suited to being out and about. Our supplies change depending on the adventure we’ve got planned but some of our favorites include crayons, markers, glue sticks, tape, play dough, and paper (don’t forget paper!).

Head out and about. Take your out and about art box on an adventure and make something awesome!


Explore More & Make Connections

How is the art that you make while out and about different from the art you make at home?

If you’re making art out in nature, consider adding some found items to your art. Did you find any interesting leaves? How might you incorporate them into your making? What about rocks? sticks?

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Danielle Reiner

Sparkle Crafts Blogger

Danielle Reiner describes herself as a creative, a maker, and a mama. At the heart of her story is creativity, though that hasn’t always been the case. She rediscovered her deeply hidden creativity early in adulthood – with a ball of yarn and a couple of knitting needles – and hasn't stopped since. Danielle also runs Crafting Connections - a website providing inspiration, practical advice, and projects for creative families - with her close friend Andrea Folsom.

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