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sparkle crafts: cooking from the garden

sparkle crafts: cooking from the garden

One of the best feelings in the world is cooking from your own home-grown food. In this round-up, we've gathered recipes that you will easily be able to make from your summer garden. From a flower-y salad to purslane pesto to kale cupcakes — there's something deliciously veggie-based for everyone!

rainbow salad 6

Kitchen Rainbow Salad

July in the garden is filled with color — from red, yellow, green, and orange. Make a colorful salad to entice little eaters to eat the rainbow!

Find the recipe HERE

mason jar peach cobblers 11 || martin & sylvia: more adventures!

Mason Jar Peach Cobbler

Summer is peach season! If you are lucky enough to have a peach tree nearby, you can reap a harvest and try out these portable cobblers for your next adventure!

Find the recipe HERE

purslane pesto meryl

Purslane Pesto

Purslane is a wonderful plant that is full of nutrients. Often you don't have to try to grow it at all — it's a wild edible you might find growing right in your garden (maybe where you don't want it). Give this a go — it's a fun twist on the standard pesto recipe!

Find the recipe HERE

flowery-summer salad 6|| junkyard tales: all together now

Flower-y Summer Salad

Did you know there are lots of edible flowers? Chamomile, calendula, nasturtiums, and more! Nasturtium petals are delightful and their leaves are peppery — like arugula. Try out our edible flower salad to bring some color to your summer salad meals!

Find the reciepe HERE

avocado yogurt dip 1|| martin & sylvia: saturdays!

Avocado Yogurt Dip

While most of you might need to buy the avocados for this recipe, I bet you have carrots and snap peas and tomatoes from your garden to dip into it. This dip is delightful and cool on hot summer days.

Find the recipe HERE

Pickling the Extras

Cucumber pickles are so tasty, but did you know you can pickle any veggies? From carrots and cabbage to okra and beets — if you have leftover veggies, try pickling them with this easy recipe!

Find the tutorial HERE

So Much Kale - cupcakes 1

So Much Kale

If you are like me, you planted lots of kale in the spring and now you have more kale than you can handle — much like Martin & Sylvia's family. Try out these fun kale recipes and even the kale cupcakes! (They taste a lot like carrot cake!)

Find the tutorial HERE

warm kale salad with maple mustard dressing 9 || so many fairies

Kale Salad with Maple Dressing

This salad is oh so delicious! It can be made with or without the bacon. If you are vegetarian, I suggest adding some tamari walnut crumbles in place of the bacon. Enjoy!

Find the tutorial HERE

Collard Green Chips

If you have an abundance of collards, why not try making crispy, salty collard chips? These are a delicious alternative to kale chips.

Find the recipe HERE

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