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Sparkle Craft: Family Flag

Sparkle Craft: Family Flag

In the Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! story, “Around the World,” Martin and Sylvia take a class where they learn about all the countries of the world and have a chance to cook a dish from one of their very favorites!

Countries are sort of like families; each country has shared culture, a certain amount of symbology that binds them together and, usually, a distinct food culture. Delve into your own family and make a flag that represents your shared family culture!


You Will Need


Writing Implement




What To Do

Start with some learning: show your little one the flag from their country and talk about the different parts of it. What is on the flag? What does it symbolize?


Then start brainstorming about your own family: what are some things that make your family special or unique? What are some things that are important to your family?

Once you’ve got a few ideas on paper, choose a handful that you’d like to incorporate in your family flag. What symbols might you use to represent them? In our family, we decided on a gray background (representing my maiden name and history), we chose to use a large letter “R” (representing our own family’s last name) and four stars (representing the four members of our family, each star being one of our favorite colors).

Choose a background sheet of felt. We used an 8×10 piece.


Cut out the symbols from other colors of felt.

Assemble the family flag using glue.

Explore More & Make Connections

Aside from flags, what else exists that represent countries? Could you make/do one of those for your family as well?

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