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Sparkle Craft: Hand-woven Tapestry

Sparkle Craft: Hand-woven Tapestry

In this week’s Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! story, “The Gift of Sweetness”, Sylvia and Martin (along with their neighbors, the Browns) honor the loss of a beloved sugar maple tree by using her wood to boil the sap from other sugar maples and do other projects. Even after the tree had been chopped down, it continued to be useful.

For this project you can honor a favorite tree of your own and weave in some memories too. Find two fallen sticks to create the top and base for your loom. Then gather scraps of yarn you might have leftover from other projects. As you weave, you can remember not only the tree that gave you the sticks, but also the projects that were once made with the yarn.

Sparkle Stories - DIY Handmade Woven Tapestry

You Will Need

Cardboard Shoe Box

Xacto Knife

Two Sticks, wider than the shoe box

Scrap Yarn

Tapestry Needle

What To Do

Using the Xacto knife, cut out your shoebox as shown in the photo below. The pair of slots nearest each end will be for holding the sticks. The cuts in the center will make weaving easier.


Insert a stick into each end of your cardboard box loom.


Using a sturdy yarn, create the warp. Running it back and forth between the sticks, tying a knot to secure it at each end.


Using leftover cardboard cutaway from the box, create two shuttles – small cardboard rectangles with a hole punched into one end.


Attach yarn to each shuttle. You’ll only want the yarn to be a couple yards in length.


Start weaving! Leave a small tail of yarn at the start, you’ll weave it in later.


This project can be pretty free form; let your little one decide where and how to switch yarns. Since this is a hanging tapestry, embrace the uncertainty and flow.

You’ll need to push down the woven work from time to time to compress it.

Once you’ve filled most of the space between the sticks, cut the yarn and use a tapestry needle to weave in all the ends.


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Take a walk around your home – what do you have on your walls or shelves that reminds you of something else?


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