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Sparkle Crafts: A Mouse and a House

Sparkle Crafts: A Mouse and a House

In the Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! story, “Mouse Houses”, Sylvia finds a little mouse nest nestled in their woodpile. Working with Mama, Sylvia finds a way to build a new little mouse house by the edge of the woods, since the mice can’t live in the woodpile.

You can build a little mouse house in the woods near you (remember to keep the little houses away from your home so the mice won’t get confused). Or bring the fun indoors with this sweet little hand-stitched mouse and a little house of your own!

You Will Need




Safety Pins

Embroidery Thread

Stuffing or Batting



Cardboard Box (small)

Markers, tape, crayons, etc. for decorating


What To Do

Prepare your materials. Choose 2 button eyes and felt for your mouse’s eyes and body. You can use one or two colors for your mouse if you’d like! Cut out two raindrop-shaped pieces out of felt for your mouse’s body – you can make your mouse any size, ours is 4 inches long and 3 inches high.


Stitch up your mouse. Tie a knot in one end of the yarn and sandwich it between the two mouse body pieces. To keep the pieces from moving around when stitching – while keeping little fingers safe – secure the tail and mouse body pieces together with a few safety pins. Using embroidery thread, whipstitch around the outside of your mouse. When you have about 3 inches left, fill your mouse with a bit of stuffing or batting, then pin again and finish stitching. Be sure the tail is securely stitched into place as well.


Decorate your mouse house. Find a cozy little cardboard box for your mouse. Decorate the outside however you’d like, such as markers, paints, tape or crayons. Now gather something soft for inside your mouse house – we used felt scraps to make little beds and pillows, plus some extra batting for a fluffy nest! Now your cute mouse has a warm place to sleep!


Explore More & Make Connections

What other little creature could you make? Would it be friends with your little mouse? What color will it be? Cut out a bit of felt and give it a try!

Have you ever seen a mouse house outside? What other animals live outside in little nests? Could you make a new little home for them?

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Sparkle Crafts Blogger

Danielle Reiner describes herself as a creative, a maker, and a mama. At the heart of her story is creativity, though that hasn’t always been the case. She rediscovered her deeply hidden creativity early in adulthood – with a ball of yarn and a couple of knitting needles – and hasn't stopped since. Danielle also runs Crafting Connections - a website providing inspiration, practical advice, and projects for creative families - with her close friend Andrea Folsom.

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