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Build Your Own Puppet Theater

Build Your Own Puppet Theater

(This project accompanies the Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! story “Sock Puppets”)

Sometimes crafting is about the making – either the process or the product that results from the tools you use. But sometimes with crafting you move beyond the process or product and craft something that will get used time and time again by you, your little ones, or someone you love.

This project is just that. The making, itself, is lovely. A few simple materials transformed. But the true magic in this project happens after the physical making has been completed. When little ones (or grown-ups) sit behind the stage and spin a tale with the puppets. The magic is in the story.


You Will Need

For the Stage

Cardboard rectangle


Exacto knife

Materials to decorate – fabric, tape, paint, etc.

For the Puppets

Wooden spoons

Acrylic paint


Saw, optional

What To Do

Make the Stage

Divide your cardboard rectangle into three sections. To make your stage your cardboard will have to sections. A middle, front section, for the stage and two side sections, equal in size, for the supports. The stage section should be about twice as wide as the side sections. The measurements needn’t be exact. Use your ruler to draw guide lines on each side of the front stage section.

Score the guide lines. Using your exacto knife, on a durable surface, score the lines you just drew.

Draw a space for the stage. Using your ruler, draw a rectangle where you’d like the stage to be. Then, using your exacto knife, on a durable surface, cut out the rectangle.

Fold on the scored lines and hooray! you’ve got a puppet stage!

If you’d like, you can decorate the stage using tape, paint, fabric – use your imagination, and have fun!


Make the Puppets

Paint the faces on each wooden spoon. With acrylics, you’ll have to work in layers – letting each dry in between.


Cut the spoons to size. Depending on the height of your cardboard puppet stage, you might need to use a saw to cut down the handle of your spoon.

Explore More & Make Connections

Have you ever read the same story told by a variety of different authors? Perhaps you’d like to do a puppet show with your own telling of a familiar story.

Aside from paint, how else might you decorate your puppets? Can you imagine a way to make clothes for them? Hats?

Who might like to watch your puppet show? Do they live nearby, can you invite them? If not, can you think of another way to share it with them?

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Sparkle Crafts Blogger

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