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Sparkle Crafts: "Story Starting" Cards

Sparkle Crafts: "Story Starting" Cards

At our house, Sparkle Stories are often listened to in marathon sessions on days when my older kid finds herself couch-bound for a period of time due to inclement weather, or perhaps a case of the sniffles.

When listening to all of the week’s stories, one after another, it somehow becomes easy to start daydreaming just a bit about what might happen if the Sparkle cast of characters found themselves guest starring in one anothers’ tales.

So, I’ve made up a set of cards that will allow you to make that happen.


For most of the events and characters included, I’ve focused more closely on stories from this week and the weeks that have recently passed. This should make it easy to find the stories in your story box and listen to them for proper inspiration before crafting your own tale.

To use the cards, simply download the PDF file, print it, and cut out the individual cards to make a small deck.

Then grab a handful of cards to use for a mix and match storytelling or picture drawing adventure where all of Sparkle-land comes together in one magical place!

Download the “Story Starting” cards HERE.

About the Author

Annie Riechmann

Nature School Blogger

Annie Riechmann is an educator and unabashed nature lover. Her many years of experience in education have taken her from coast to coast, where she has taught in both rural and urban settings. These experiences have given her a unique perspective on ways that families can connect to nature, no matter where they live. Annie is the creator of Alphabet Glue, a literacy based e-magazine for families, and is an advocate for outdoor education in the public schools. Along with Dawn Smith, she is also the author of the upcoming Whatever the Weather: Science Experiments and Art Activities That Explore the Wonders of Weather (Roost, 2016). You can find her work at Mud Puddles to Meteors , a blog dedicated to finding nature in the well traveled corners of everyday life, and a landing place for nature loving families raising kids to explore the world around them with a spirit of discovery and a love of science. Annie lives in Massachusetts with her family.

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