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sparkle crafts: winning ribbons garland

sparkle crafts: winning ribbons garland

In this week’s Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! story, “Medals”, Martin and Sylvia are inspired to make up new competitions and medals to go along with them. The medals are won for things Martin and Sylvia feel proud of doing well.

This week we’re going to be making a watercolor winning ribbons garland listing the things you feel proud of doing well!

You Will Need

White Paper



Table Salt

Permanent Marker


Cotton String

What To Do

Paint! You can use liquid or solid watercolors for this project. Create your picture or pattern using a medium to large paintbrush. Though watercolor painting is always wet, be sure not to overly-wet or saturate your paper.


Sprinkle! Now let’s give your watercolor painting a twist! Sprinkle salt on your picture and see what happens. Surprising, isn’t it? You can sprinkle salt in one little area or all over. Keep painting and sprinkling until you’re happy with your painting(s).


Let dry! You may need to let your painting dry overnight. Once it’s dry, gently brush away the remaining salt over a trashcan or the sink to reveal your painting. Isn’t it pretty?


Make your garland! First, cut your painting into ribbon shapes. You don’t have to be perfect here – just a rectangle approximately 4 inches long and 2 inches wide with a little tail on one end. Next, think about things you do well – things that you are proud of. Jot them down, one at a time on each ribbon. You can keep some of the ribbons blank to add extra color to your garland. Finally, cut a 2.5-3 foot length of cotton string (we used baker’s twine) and tape it along the back of your ribbons. Then hang and appreciate your accomplishments and all that you’re proud of!


(Psst – parents and caregivers, we encourage you to also make a ribbon or two listing what you’re proud of; sometimes we all need a little reminder and boost!)


Explore More

What else could you sprinkle on your watercolor painting? How do you think it would change your picture? Do you think it would be the same or different from salt? Give it a try!

Could you make a garland listing all the things you’re thankful for, things you dream of doing, or jokes? What else could you write on your garland besides things you’re proud of?

Make Connections

Martin and Sylvia came up with a few competitions to earn their medals. Have you ever participated in a competition? How did it make you feel? Can you come up with a competition game too?


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