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sparkle kitchen: pink hummus (and the rainbow table)

sparkle kitchen: pink hummus (and the rainbow table)

In the Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures story "The Rainbow Table," Martin and Sylvia’s family decides to throw a “rainbow potluck”. Each guest is to bring a food from a color of the rainbow. They can harvest things from their spring garden, pull from their pantry, or forage in the root cellar from last season. Everyone is excited about this novel idea!

“I’m going to choose the hardest color,” announces Sylvia.

And what color does she decide on? What is the hardest color to find in food? “Pink,” says Sylvia.

But what foods are pink? None that she can think of. So Sylvia has to think about what colors make pink: red and White.

But what red and white foods could combine into pink — and be a food she’d be willing to eat? Beets and goat cheese. An experiment is afoot — and the result is a delicious “pink dip”!

The Sparkle Stories version of this pink dip: Pink Hummus.

Crazy, right? But crazy foods are fun.

pink hummus 4

Pink Hummus


1 large beet, or several small beets

1 can chickpeas, drained

juice of 2 lemons

¼ cup tahini

1 teaspoon salt

4 ounces chevre goat cheese

¼ cup olive oil

pink hummus 2


Place the beet or beets in a small sauce pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil and boil lightly until the beets are soft: thirty minutes for small beets and up to an hour for large. Once they have cooked, allow the beets to cool.

In a food processor, combine the beets, chickpeas, lemon juice, tahini, salt, and chevre. Blend until smooth. Add the olive oil and blend until combined.

pink hummus 3

Serve with crackers and a sprinkle of goat cheese on top!

It’s tasty, it’s healthy, and it’s definitely PINK!

You can make your own Rainbow Table! Just think about all the colors and foods that go along. Red, orange, yellow, green, rainbow colors, and beyond ... the fun possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

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