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Sparkle Tip: Travel Playlist

Sparkle Tip: Travel Playlist

Make the car ride part of your winter adventures this year. With a little preparation, you can easily transform your vehicle into a cozy spot your kids will look forward to spending time in. Here are four steps to get you started:

  1. Fill the back seat with pillows, blankets, and favorite stuffed animals before you leave.

  2. Bring along a supply of car-friendly snacks your kids will love. These Sugarplums are a nutritious winter delicacy that won’t leave too many crumbs behind.

  3. Download the Sparkle Stories Winter Adventure Travel Playlist below and make sure to hit play right when the children get settled. This collection is perfect for children ages 3-9 and has a handful of games tucked within.

  4. Prepare yourself for a peaceful ride filled with inspiring stories that will get you even more excited about your travel adventure.

Safe (almost-too-quiet) travels!

Listening Time: 4 hours

Day One: The Christmas Drum

Day One: The Christmas Drum

Harriet the Hawk

Harriet the Hawk

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