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SparkleCast Episode 9 – Developing Inner Guidance with Leo Sofer

January 3, 2017
SparkleCast Episode 9 – Developing Inner Guidance with Leo Sofer

Leo Sofer is an intuitive storyteller and teacher based in Devon, England. His work encompasses inspirational stories for children, as well as enlightening stories and teachings for adults.

In this episode, Leo, David, and Rebecca discuss the story “Listening to the Story Whispers” and delve into the intrinsic and practical value of learning both how to hear stories, and how to tell our own.

Story:Listening to the Story Whispers " from the Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures! Series.


  • How to embrace the “fool” and allow wisdom to flow

  • The four steps of intuitive storytelling

  • How to enter stories from a listening gesture rather than “telling"

  • Easy exercises to become present and create stories out of a centered, calm place

SparkleCast Episode 9 – Developing Inner Guidance with Leo Sofer


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More about Leo Sofer!

At the age of 21, Leo began telling folk tales all over the south of England, until years later he had a profound creative breakthrough and discovered the “golden thread” of storytelling. Since then he has told thousands of intuitive stories and shares them with people around the world with Palace of Stories (for children) and Stories of the Journey Home (for adults). He also teaches intuitive storytelling to adults through workshops and individual sessions.

About the Author

Rebecca Beegle

Sparkle Stories Production Manager

Rebecca is Sparkle Stories' former production manager and current co-host (along with David) of the SparkleCast podcast. She is also a writer, producer, and storyteller who performs in theaters, films, and living rooms. Find out more at

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