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Windward Ho! Meet the Characters

Windward Ho! Meet the Characters

This week we are welcoming the newest collection of stories in the Windward Ho! series, "Unbound Down Under."

In this second adventure, Polly and Bonny, the two adventurous Australian twins, are once again at odds with each other when they suddenly find themselves smack in the middle of another pirate journey. Magically transported onto their beloved ship, the crew battles a raging storm only to be pursued by a vengeful captain of the British navy. How will these brave girls escape their peril? This time around, the sweet gifts of sisterhood will lead them all to safety and resolution.

That being said, let's meet the characters of Windward Ho!


Polly and Bonny. They are the unstoppable twin sisters from Australia. This athletic and confident duo make the perfect mates to handle the rigging and sails of the Windward.

windward ho val-525

Val. She is the ship's Boatswain — the officer in charge of the equipment and the crew. This role suits Val perfectly as she is a natural peacekeeper — loyal, protective, and capable of keeping the Windward ship-shape.

windward ho harriet-525

Harriet. She is by far the boldest and most confident Windward crew memeber. She'd really like to be Captain, but Harriet is tasked as Quartermaster — a role she learns to value highly in the end.

windward ho martha-525

Martha. She is the nurturer of the Windward crew. Her sweet disposition, desire to care for others, and love of food make her the perfect person to take on the position of the ship's Cook.

windward ho jessica-525

Jessica. She has always been an avid learner with a special affinity for mathmatics, astronomy, and geography. Her interests and ablities serve the Windward crew well as she is tasked with navigating their beloved ship as Steering Master.

windward ho wink-525

Captain Wink. Once a shy nine-year-old girl who loved to read adventure books, she now captains her own pirate ship! She is knowledgable on the topics of ships and sailing, and all her book knowledge is put to the test on the high seas.

--- This is an eight-story collection. These stories will be shared every Tuesday and Friday for the next four weeks.

Perfect for ages 7+

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