Free Story #1 — The Jack O' Lantern
Have you ever wondered how the first jack-o'-lantern was created? Here's a tale of a simple orange squash transformed into a sparkling lantern that charmed an entire town.
Free Story #2 — Halloween Magic
Lil Mamma and Spiro have an ongoing Halloween best costume competition. This year, cat Ben Thompson brings in some special halloween magic that turns the competition upside down.
Free Story #3 — Halloween Wonder
Each year a mysterious couple transforms their porch into something fantastical. This year, however, a girl does something surprising that changes the Halloween tradition forever.
Free Story #4 — The Orchardman and the Scarecrow
How is it that every morning Kamwell finds all his ripe apples neatly picked and lying on the grass? When he looks around and sees only his scarecrow, he wonders, could it be?
Free Story #5 — The Magician and the Knight
What would happen if all the children suddenly turned into their Halloween costumes, if children dressed as wizards and tigers actually became wizards and tigers?
Free Story #6 — The Trick and the Treat
Septimo the magician has a trick where the Jack of Hearts flies into the air. But the truth is, it is not a trick at all — until one Halloween night the magic card disappears.
Free Story #7 — Sam Sugarpop and the Switch Witch Surprise
Sam Sugarpop is a little sprite who loves sweets. But Sam is not the only fairy looking for sweets: there is a cheerful witch that wants the candy for a very different reason.