Introducing Scholarships for Military, Educators, and Low Income Families

We want all children to be able to access our award-winning content.

We don’t want money to be the reason your family can’t enjoy Sparkle Stories. For this reason, we’ve created a scholarship (a reduced-rate subscription fee) to help families afford the monthly subscription. We also want to honor those who defend and serve our country through the military and schools.


How to know if you qualify:

Simply review the criteria below. If you find you fit one of the three, then you qualify!


This scholarship is offered on an honor system. If you believe you qualify, email us at so we can set you up with a subscription.

Scholarship Levels and Criteria

Military Scholarship

This is for families in which a parent or grandparent is in the military, a first-responder, or a veteran. We deeply appreciate your service!

Educator Scholarship

This is for classroom teachers who would like to share Sparkle Stories with their students as well as to enjoy at home. Homeschool families are welcome to apply if they meet the Limited Income qualifications below.

Limited Income Scholarship

We offer this option for families whose income falls below a modest income level for their area, and for whom the subscription fee is unsustainable. In the United States, we recommend using the Economic Policy Institute's calculator to determine the income level for your family and area. This scholarship is also for non-U.S. families for whom the exchange rate makes the subscription unaffordable.

Questions? We are here to help.

If you find that the scholarship fee is still beyond your means, please contact us. We are happy to discuss all the ways you can afford and access Sparkle Stories.

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