Part Three: A Pleasant Surprise

Part Three: A Pleasant Surprise

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Characters in this Story


Sergeant is the much-loved watchdog at the Junkyard. A loyal friend and faithful guardian to all, he takes his work very seriously. But he's never too serious for a laugh for a little adventure with his friends.

You can find Sergeant in all of the Junkyard Tales stories.


Spiro is a Junkyard favorite. A connoisseur and collector of canned meats and fishes, he is never without something tasty to eat. With his hysterical sense of humor and his loyal heart, he is often the life of any party.

You can find Spiro in all of the Junkyard Tales stories.

Ben Thompson

The adventures of Ben Thompson are often at the center of the Junkyard Tales stories. A clever and world-savvy cat, he is friend to all in the Junkyard. He is always ready to share an adventure or pull together friends for some community fun.

Find Ben in all the Junkyard Tales stories.


Winnie the Puppy is one of the youngest members of the Junkyard crew. Filled with curiosity and endless questions, she brings her youthful delight to the Junkyard adventures.

You'll find Winnie in the Junkyard Tales: All Together Now Stories.

Lil' Mama

Lil' Mama is one hard worker. Her children now grown and gone, she is ever-ready to lend a hand to her Junkyard friends. She loves to garden, and often has grandchildren in tow.

You'll find Lil'Mama in the Junkyard Tales stories.

Georgia Bean

Georgia Bean remembers the birthday of every single creature in the Junkyard. Deeply kind and nurturing, she is like a mother to all of the many mice. You can always rely on her for a little warmth and love.

You'll find Georgia Bean in many of the Junkyard Tales stories.

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