A Little Bit of Light


A Little Bit of Light

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Projects, Crafts, and Recipes for this Story

Developing a Festival Life with Susan Weber. SparkleCast Episode 5

In this episode of SparkleCast, Susan, David, and Rebecca talk about how to develop the festival life of your household or classroom by incorporating rhythm and attention to the natural world.

Sparkle Kitchen: Campfire Stew

This week's recipe comes from another chilly night when something equally magic happened by the light of an autumn fire. It was a good friend's birthday, and, to celebrate, she invited us all out to her teepee to have stew for dinner.

Sparkle Craft: Milk Jug Lanterns

Whether you already have a lantern walk tradition or would like to start one, a classic, tissue-paper-covered lantern is a project young and old will enjoy making and using.

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Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures!

How to Fall

How to Fall

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