Part Three: Silent Night

Part Three: Silent Night

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Characters in this Story


Martin is the delightful older brother in all of the various Martin & Sylvia Series. Known for his bright ideas, his enterprising spirit and his kind heart, this seven year old boy finds adventure at all turns, and in all seasons.


Sylvia is the younger sister in the well-loved Martin & Sylvia stories. Five years old, she is known for her cleverness, her delight, and her wonderful sense of humor. She and her brother Martin create adventures and discover marvels -- whether they are at home or out exploring their town.

Little Laura

Little Laura is the young grand-daughter of Martin and Sylvia's next door neighbors - the Browns. When she comes to visit, Sylvia is particularly delighted, as they get to enjoy crafts and projects, and they explore the world through the eyes of a three year old.

The Webers

The Webers are some of Martin and Sylvia's family's very closest friends. The Weber children - Jonathan and Sasha - are regular playmates over at the tall house with lots of windows. And the two families often have wonderful and even extraordinary adventures together.

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