Monkey Brothers

Monkey Brothers

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Characters in this Story


Clancy is the middle brother of the three Willowbee children. He is a dreamy child, and loves his "idea time". He often prefers the quiet of his own room, and the delicious food they eat at home. But he's always up for a Willow Tree adventure.

Find Clancy in The Willowbee Tree Series.

Little Ty

Ty is the youngest of the Willowbee children at age three. He is curious, has a wonderful imagination, and can always find anything that's been lost. He always enjoys the adventures of the Willow Tree - no matter where it takes them.

Find Ty in The Willowbee Tree Series.


Piper is the nine year old sister in the Willowbee family. As the oldest, she is adventurous, bold and quick-witted. She loves a good challenge, and is often the first to try things - particularly if the Willow Tree is calling her into a new adventure.

Find Piper in The Willowbee Tree Series.

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