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It’s that exciting time of year when magic is afoot and wonder is in the air!


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to add to the excitement of the season!


 a FREE Junkyard Tales Halloween Story!

There’s a Halloween mystery afoot in the Junkyard. Spectacular jack-o-lanterns are appearing
at each animal’s door.  But who is creating them?  And how?


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So Many Fairies
Halloween Story!

“The Jack-O-Lantern”! 

Have you ever wondered how the first Jack-O-Lantern was created? Here is a tale of baker’s son named Garrith, who — with the help of a magic seed and an enterprising fire sprite named Jack — transformed a simple orange squash into a sparkling, magical lantern that charmed an entire town.

It’s a delightful tale about a seed, and the magic that grew from it.

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Would you like more Halloween fun from Sparkle?


Then try the Junkyard Tales Halloween Audio Book!

junkyard final

Three stories of adventure (and laughter) with the Junkyard Tales animals, as they create a Halloween Festival for animals in the neighborhood!


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AND the Martin & Sylvia Halloween Audio Book!

martin & sylvia halloween audio book
These three stories are from our
Martin & Sylvia series. They follow the events that unfold over the few days before Halloween, as the creative brother and sister prepare for their annual Fairy Ball!

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