About Sparkle Stories

A slower, kinder, gentler world.

The Power of a Story

We know it works, because we see it in our household.

We’ve seen a single story to bring confidence to a nervous child, prepare our family for a threshold, or suggest to our boys how to communicate more kindly. All these things and more shape our home life into a slower, kinder, gentler place.

And every week, Sparklers see it in their homes, too. We know this because they share their stories with us, and in turn, we share them with the Sparkle community.

— David & Lisabeth Sewell-McCann

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Beautiful stories have inspired conversations in our family about gratitude, kindness, sibling strife, and life in general.

Melisa New York
Different – by Design

Why are our stories slower, kinder and gentler than most children’s media?

Because we want to create a slower, kinder, more gentle world. We believe the best way to do that is to create stories that share models for:

  • How to be kind to others
  • How to be respectful in thought, word and deed
  • How to live in wonder and reverence for this truly incredible world

And whether your child is turning 3 or going on 12 years old, all of our stories reinforce these values.

Built with care

Meet the people who bring the magic of Sparkle Stories to children all over the world every single day.

David Sewell McCann
David Sewell McCann
Story Spinner and Chief Doodler
Lisabeth Sewell McCann
Lisabeth Sewell McCann
Head of All The Things
Susan Alexander/Wilson
Susan Alexander/Wilson
Customer Appreciation
Jenny Barandich
Jenny Barandich
Graphic Designer
Ann Boyd
Ann Boyd
Literary Editor and Continuity Director
KC Pagano
KC Pagano
Media Curator
A Kinder, Gentler Media
Parents from around the world choose Sparkle Stories for their childrens’ media.
Sparkle Stories enriches the story life in your home and brings delight to everyday quiet times. Our magic: we are slower, kinder, and gentler than most children’s media.