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The Story is Only the Beginning! With the inspiration of each Sparkle Story as a beginning, the corresponding Sparkle Schoolhouse lesson continues the journey with wholesome enrichment, inspired tutorials and a welcoming community for our homeschooling Sparkle Parents, Adults, Teachers and Children.

All About Fairies

What is a fairy really? Read all about air fairies, water fairies, earth fairies, and fire fairies as we review all the classic types and the natural elements they represent.

Sparkle Weekly Wonderings: Water Fairies

In fairy tales, Water Nymphs or Nixies can be anything from nasty to terrifying. They are shown to be temperamental and occasionally bloodthirsty. Now, this is not entirely untrue — but it is certainly not the norm of this ordinarily peaceful fairy folk.

Sparkle Weekly Wonderings: Air Fairies

Air fairies – or pixies or sylphs – represent the flighty, changeable, and playful side of nature. In stories, they often represent communication, enthusiasm, curiosity, and secrets — the whispers of the wind. Children have a special connection to air fairies because they are a lot like them!

Sparkle Weekly Wonderings: Our Favorite Games

This week we’re bringing you some of the favorite games that we’ve shared through Sparkle, from car games to drawing games. I hope it brings some fun and enjoyment to your summer days!

Sparkle Weekly Wonderings: Everything works better with a routine

In summer, most routine gets thrown out the window, doesn’t it? So how can you build a “rhythm” that you can count on and that keeps everyone soothed? Here are our best tips to help you create your OWN routines that will suit your unique family the best.

Where is the Mr. Rogers of 2018?

What would Mr. Rogers think of children’s entertainment today? As a man who built a culture out of children’s television, how would he feel about today’s shows? Would he compare the children’s television and entertainment of today with that of his time and conclude, as many of us have, that less TV and screen time might be a good idea?

Sparkle Weekly Wonderings: Happy Father's Day!

This Father’s Day, I’d like to open the world of possibilities to our fellows, children and adults alike. Let’s encourage our boys and men to feel free to be “All The Things” (as Sylvia would say): fierce and tender, boisterous and reserved, soft and strong, competent and wild.

How To Be Super Mini-Camp for Parents

This is a replay of a live How To Be Super Training — just for parents — done by David Sewell McCann.

Sparkle Weekly Wonderings: Spending Time in Nature

What's better than forcing your children into nature-based activities? Learn to inspire them. Check out our recipe craft round-ups for this week for some ideas to get you started!

Sparkle Weekly Wonderings: How to Be Super

It would be a privilege to work with your children on finding what makes them super — and then guiding them to use those powers to help others.

Sparkle Weekly Wonderings: To teachers!

Teachers need to know what a gift they are. No matter whether you are your children’s teacher, or their teachers are in the structure of a school or community group, the work they do is invaluable.

Sparkle Weekly Wonderings: Things to do instead of screens

This week we are going to talk about “Screen Time” by NOT talking about it. Instead, we are going to talk about what else children can do - what games, activities, entertainment and fun can be had that does NOT include screens.

Exploring the Dry Gables Series - "For the People"

In this post, we are focusing on the story “For the People.” Below you will see how the three main characters illustrate three unique ways to live in community.

Get Inspired to EXPLORE this Summer

Exploring can start in your very own yard and neighborhood! Below you'll find a series of suggestions and projects to inspire your family to put on their explorer packs and get out the door.

Sparkle Weekly Wonderings: The best part of being a mom

Hey, Sparkle Moms! How would you complete the following sentence?

“The best part of being a mom is …”

Sparkle Weekly Wonderings: Compassion

This week’s theme is the practice of feeling someone else’s pain. This may not seem like an appealing thing to do, but deep down, we know that it is the only way we can bridge the growing chasm that contemporary political, economic, and cultural divides seem to be creating.

Sparkle Weekly Wonderings: May Day

In the late 1800’s May 1st was declared International Workers Day - the day when workers of the world were honored … by protesting for better conditions, wages and health. So whether you are dancing around the maypole or marching on the picket line this May Day, we in Sparkle Land celebrate you and this pivotal day!

Screen-Free Week Ideas

Screens are part of our world now, but that doesn't mean it has to be our whole world.

FIFTY Study Page: Guam- "The Radioman"

This story from the FIFTY collection uses historical fiction to explore the history of the people of Guam from Chamorro to Spanish to American.

Sparkle Weekly Wonderings: Speaking Out

Today's young men and women want change - and they are willing to do the hard work of researching what is needed, they are brave enough to speak out, and they have the grit to keep going until they are heard, met and answered.

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