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The Story is Only the Beginning! With the inspiration of each Sparkle Story as a beginning, the corresponding Sparkle Schoolhouse lesson continues the journey with wholesome enrichment, inspired tutorials and a welcoming community for our Sparkle Parents, Adults, Teachers and Children.

SparkleCast Episode 3 – Managing Anxiety with Renee Jain

In this episode of SparkleCast, Renee, David, and Rebecca discuss how storytelling can not only change perspectives but also help children face fears, dismantle panic and undo patterns of anxiety.

The Strengths of the Windward Pirate Girls

When we first started visioning the Windward Ho! series, we discussed in depth the importance of telling stories about strong girls. And not just strong in one way – but strong in a wide variety of ways. We want the girls of our world to know that they can be confident and kind, thoughtful and analytical, spirited and gentle.

Meet Martin & Sylvia!

We've gathered some fun facts about Martin and Sylvia to help your get to know them a little better.

Meet Ben Thompson!

The adventures of Ben Thompson are often at the center of the Junkyard Tales stories. A clever and world-savvy cat, he is friend to all in the Junkyard. He is always ready to share an adventure or pull together a group for some community fun.

Meet Libby!

This is Libby. She is a fantastic kid whom we know you'll love. Through her stories, she teaches us all about big feelings and how to navigate them. Below are some things we thought would be helpful as you get to know her better.

Sparkle Team's Favorite Reads for Kids

We've compiled a list of books that our Sparkle team has read to their children or that their children are reading. It's broken down into three age brackets to help you decide what books might be work best for your family — but don't hesitate to break free of the mold if you'd like!

The Ultimate Sparkle Back-to-School Tool Kit

Darn — the lazy days of summer are over. But don't let that get you down! With school starting again, we've rounded up all of our best back-to-school content in one place.

Sparkle Crafts: Art Supplies and Creative Play Materials

Children have an innate curiosity to explore their world through tactile experience and creative imaginative play. Sometimes as adults, we forget that we too have this ability. Here's a great list of materials to help your family get creative!

Small Acts That Make a Big Difference in Helping the Planet

Young people are anxious, and anxiety in youth seems to be growing. Who can blame them? We adults are anxious too! I've made list of things we do within the families of the Sparkle Team to help make a difference — so I'm offering real-life suggestions here.

Teaching Conservation and Sustainability to Your Kids - Tips and Resources

This post is meant to help you empower yourself with information, by giving you tips and resources to better understand what is going on with the planet and how to help your children understand what's going on in a way that isn't scary or intimidating but empowers them to learn more and help the planet.

What Sparkle Mamas Want for Mother's Day

We recently asked our Sparkle Team and our Sparklers on social media this question: If you could do anything for Mother's Day, what would you do? We got some really fun answers. We hope they inspire your own real Mother's Day celebrations!

How to Tell a Story that is More Interesting than TV or Video Games

Inspiration to tell your own stories to your children.

Sparkle Weekly Wondering

It’s that time of year in the U.S. in which we circle up our friends and family and give thanks for the abundance in our lives. So may we turn that gratitude toward you?

Dry Gables: Good Neighbors - Weathering the Storm

Our Dry Gables friends show us how to live in community with compassion, gratitude, and love.

Sparkle Weekly Wonderings: Getting Some Rest

Are you with me? Do you count yourself among the ranks of the too busy and awfully tired? That’s why we’re devoting this week to “Getting Some Rest.”

Sparkle Weekly Wonderings: The Power of Stories

We all know stories are powerful, but have you ever considered how stories impact who we are — our identities? We value stories for their entertainment value, but also (and more importantly) for their ability to teach and influence powerfully.

The Power of Story: Free Story & New Short Film

Here in Sparkle Land, we value stories for their entertainment value, but also (and more importantly) for their ability to teach and influence powerfully.

Sparkle Weekly Wonderings: The Wonder of Halloween

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. When our kids were younger, we’d go full tilt. Not only would we all dress up, but we’d put on roving Halloween plays or fire-lit Halloween parties.

Sparkle Weekly Wonderings: Screen Time Limits

We are dedicating this week to sharing the ways we encourage our families to go offline — both in the Sewell McCann household as well as in all of the families of the Sparkle Team.

55 Things to Do Instead of Screens

When kids are away from screens, that means they are free to explore nature, cultivate social connections and foster creativity- explore this list of 55 things to do instead of screens.

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