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The Story is Only the Beginning! With the inspiration of each Sparkle Story as a beginning, the corresponding Sparkle Schoolhouse lesson continues the journey with wholesome enrichment, inspired tutorials and a welcoming community for our Sparkle Parents, Adults, Teachers and Children.

Our Favorite Online Homeschool Resources

Happily, homeschool resources have expanded immensely over the past several years and can offer counsel and direction for both new and seasoned homeschoolers. Here are some online and offline resources to help inspire and guide you if you are thinking about trying or are already in the thick of homeschooling.

Free Homeschool Printables (and audio stories to go along!)

Did you know that our audio stories also make a great companion for homeschool support? Not only that, but we’ve got some wonderfully helpful resources right on the Sparkle Blog to make it even easier to incorporate story time into learning. We’ve gathered some of our favorites below.

Tips for a Year of Rest

This desire for rhythms of work and rest inspired the creation of Martin and Sylvia: Day of Rest. Through these stories, we have the gift of observing Martin and Sylvia’s family as they work through the process of setting apart one day each week to rest as a family.

Unhook Your Holidays

What can you do to make the holidays feel special for others AND guilt-free for you?

This Is No Norman Rockwell Holiday

Holidays can be hard. We humans are just so messy. There’s got to be a way to make this easier, right? Keep reading for advice on how best to practice self-care through the sometimes rough holiday season.

SparkleCast Episode 5 – Developing a Festival Life with Susan Weber

In this episode of SparkleCast, Susan, David, and Rebecca talk about how to develop the festival life of your household or classroom by incorporating rhythm and attention to the natural world.


Jenn Chic from Maplerose teamed up with Sparkle Stories to answer some questions around unschooling and share what it looks like for our family — and what it might look like for yours.

How to Reduce Screen Time for Kids

What are the impacts of screen time? Is it really all that bad? Digging into the facts sometimes results in mixed messages. To build healthy habits, parents may do well to combine what they can glean from current research (link to new blog post) with their own intuition.

Tips to Get Kids Off Screens

How do you get your family off screens? We cover the basics of what's worked in our own families, as well as practical tips, suggestions, and solutions!

Storytelling as a Parenting Tool 101

Our understanding of the world is made up of the stories we have told and continue to tell. Here are some of our best tips for using the power of storytelling to give us context and help us grow.

Winter Nature Table Tips

A nature table is a great way to bring nature-inspired learning right into your home. We’ll walk you through some helpful tips that will help you to inspire your children to learn about and interact with the natural world in their everyday rhythms.

Bulb Planting for Kids

For this week’s newest Martin & Sylvia story, we’ve partnered with Lusa Organics to bring you a special treat! Unlike spring-time gardening, there is a delayed payoff when planting bulbs in the fall. This is a great hands-on opportunity to teach kids about patience and staying the course while also connecting with nature.

Featured Stories: Stories about Learning at Home

This week we've gathered a playlist of entirely free stories about learning at home. Whether it's dedicated homeschooling or just curiosity-driven afternoons in the backyard, these stories will have your kids inspired to explore and create.

Parent Cheat Sheet: Castlechanter Fairy Advent Activities

Use this parent cheat sheet to help you navigate the stories with activities that relate to each story. In this cheat sheet, we’ve given you a timeline so you can be prepared with a recipe, craft, or fun idea in advance.

Meet the How To Be Super Characters!

There are now five How To Be Super collections in our library and each one is a giant adventure! Many characters thread throughout all of them. We've made a list so you can keep track.

Sparkle Resources for Weathering Covid-19

As part of our theme this week of keeping your family healthy, we've gathered up all of our Covid19 posts in one place for easy access. We hope you find these helpful for not only your physical health, but mental and emotional health as well. Be well Sparklers!

Sparkle Homeschool Round Up: All Our Posts in One Place

Is your family considering homeschooling this year? If so, that's great! We have lots of support and encouragement for you. Here at Sparkle we love homeschooling (and schools too) and have created a whole world around learning in alternative ways....

Questions for the Sparkle Artist

Did you know all of our Sparkle graphics were drawn by David? He is not just an artist of words, but a maker of images as well!

Body-Based Ideas to Offset a Life in Lockdown

Even though our minds understand why we are at home, why we are separated from other people, and why we are wearing masks, our bodies struggle to make sense of it all...

Dory Horde Crib Sheet

Have you ever met a large family and couldn't quite remember all their names? I have a friend with 5 boys all with unique names just like the Dory Horde; and it took me quite awhile until I got to know them individually to remember their names...

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