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Our Favorite Online Homeschool Resources

Our Favorite Online Homeschool Resources

Have you considered homeschooling? Although this method of education isn’t for everyone, we think that it can be just right for those who find the idea interesting. With homeschooling, everyday is a new journey. Even with structures and routines, you never know where your child's interests will lead you — and it can be a wonderful source of joy. Happily, homeschool resources have expanded immensely over the past several years and can offer counsel and direction for both new and seasoned homeschoolers. Here are some online and offline resources to help inspire and guide you if you are thinking about trying or are already in the thick of homeschooling.

Online HS Website 2023

Best Websites for Homeschool Families

If you’re looking for resources and materials, look no further. We’ve collected our favorite websites where you can search, read, and purchase materials for your lessons. We couldn’t resist topping the list with our own company. Many Sparklers have raved about the ways Sparkle Stories have added richness to their homeschool classrooms over the years!

1. Sparkle Stories

Sparkle Stories: Enchanting Audio Adventures for Young Imaginations

With a library of over 1400 original audio-only stories, each Sparkle story contains a small seed of learning, including how to be kind to others, how to be respectful in thought, word, and deed, and how to live in wonder and reverence for this incredible world. Many stories are connected to a tutorial, craft, or recipe so the narrative experience does not end with the entertainment, but offers inspiration for further creativity and exploration. A streaming subscription provides unlimited access to all 1400+ audios plus access to all of the associated content.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Stories for every child and occasion. Search by child’s age or story topic; choose one-off short stories, longer tales, or ongoing series.

  • Child-friendly narration. Stories are recorded more slowly for young ears, ensuring maximum comprehension and enjoyment. The stories are made for ages 3-9+.

  • Enrichment, not overstimulation. Audio-only stories spur children to use their imaginations and grow their curiosity, compared to image-based entertainment like TV.

  • Wholesome, kindness-centered entertainment. All Sparkle Stories promote values like kindness, empathy, and respect to help build a gentler world.

  • No screens, no mom guilt. Keep your child engrossed while you get things done — knowing they’re engaging their minds and having fun.

  • Go beyond the story. Pair audio stories with associated recipes, crafts and games for family bonding experiences.

Support for Parents:

In addition to the audio stories, Sparkle Stories offers valuable resources for parents to enhance the storytelling experience. Parents can find discussion guides, creative activity suggestions, and tips for using storytelling as a powerful tool for family bonding and learning.

User Testimonial:

"Sparkle characters have become our friends. It is a joy to watch my children’s eyes widen and glimmer while listening to Mrs. Castlechanter’s Advent stories, to dance with them to the Windward Ho! Introduction song, and to hear them giggle at Martin and Sylvia or the Junkyard animals’ antics."

"I am in awe at the creativity and knowledge that flourish in each story (not to mention the ridiculously marvelous storytelling). The messages empower and inspire my parenting and I look forward to listening as much as my kids do!" ~ Tamara

Pricing and Subscription Options:

Sparkle Stories offers flexible subscription plans to accommodate different family needs. Families can choose from monthly or yearly subscriptions, providing unlimited access to the entire collection of stories. Additionally, a free trial option allows families to experience the magic of Sparkle Stories before committing to a subscription.

2. Raising Little Shoots

Raising Little Shoots: Your Ultimate Nature-Inspired Homeschool Resource

At Raising Little Shoots, they offer resources designed to help families pursue slow, seasonal, Charlotte Mason-inspired nature study. The organization's mission is to deepen the connections between children and their families while fostering a stronger bond with the natural world around them.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • "Exploring Nature with Children." Their flagship resource, a complete year-long curriculum, offers step-by-step guidance for nature study throughout the calendar year. It includes themed, seasonal weekly nature walks, encouraging families to explore and connect with the wonders of nature.

  • Comprehensive Learning. Each week features a themed book list suitable for all ages, classic poetry related to the nature theme for copywork or reading aloud, and details of art connected to the weekly nature study. Additionally, they provide activities spanning various subjects like crafts, writing, science, and math, without any unnecessary busy work.

  • "Exploring Nature Around The Year: 365 Days of Nature Journaling." This easy-to-use curriculum presents a daily nature journaling prompt, incorporating major and minor nature study themes. No additional planning required!

  • Handbooks Series. Their "Celebrating the Seasons with Children" handbooks offer step-by-step guidance for creating authentic and meaningful family celebrations. Currently, available handbooks include Midsummer & St. John's Tide, The Harvest Festival, and The Nature Advent Calendar.

Grade Levels and Subjects Covered:

The resources are family-friendly and cater to diverse age groups, from pre-schoolers to adult learners. Parents can download comprehensive samples from their website to determine the best fit for their family's needs. The organization understands the importance of finding the right resources for homeschooling and welcomes any questions.

Teaching Methodology:

Rooted in Charlotte Mason's philosophy, their teaching methodology emphasizes nature study as a vital element in children's education. This approach promotes the development of attention, observation skills, and patience — essential traits for life-long learning. Time spent in nature, combined with logical observation, yields remarkable results, preparing children for future academic pursuits.

Curriculum Options:

Their resources are designed to be "open and go," ensuring that busy families can easily incorporate nature study into their daily lives. However, they are flexible and can be adapted to suit various homeschooling approaches. Whether families follow Charlotte Mason's principles, Steiner, Montessori, unschooling, or any other approach, the resources seamlessly integrate into their homeschool journey.

Support for Parents:

The organization believes in fostering a supportive community for families using their resources. Families can join their Facebook group, "Raising Little Shoots Nature Study," where they can connect with like-minded individuals and share experiences. Additionally, parents can visit their website for additional nature study resources and follow their thriving Instagram community, engaging through weekly hashtags.

They also provide prompt responses to any questions or queries via email at

User Testimonial:

Don't just take our word for it; here are some testimonials from parents benefiting from our resources:

"It's fantastic! I love it! I love how you have included a poem & a piece of art! & I love how you don’t presume that the adult has knowledge of nature. I love the extension activities! I feel really excited reading it – like it's something I could actually do – despite knowing nothing at all about nature!" ~ MT

Pricing and Subscription Options:

Their prices range from $5 to $18, offering excellent value for the enriching experiences and resources they provide. For detailed pricing information, please visit their website.

Discover the joy of nature-inspired learning with Raising Little Shoots.

3. Discover Wild Learning

Discover the Wild Learning® Experience: Homeschooling with Nature and Adventure

Rachel Tidd, the founder of Wild Learning®, believes that the outdoor environment is the ideal classroom for children. Offering two innovative curriculums, Wild Math® and Wild Reading®, Wild Learning® utilizes nature as a tool for learning essential math and reading skills. With a background in teaching and homeschooling, Rachel is dedicated to integrating the outdoors and natural materials into core academic areas to make learning engaging and enjoyable.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Wild Math®. Unlike traditional workbook-based math curriculums, Wild Math® is active and fun, incorporating hands-on activities with natural materials, games, and math picture books. Children explore fractions with mud pies, delve into place value using bundles of sticks, and discover multiplication through examining flower petals.

  • Wild Reading®. This nature-inspired, hands-on curriculum builds a strong foundation in phonological awareness, phonics, comprehension, and writing skills. Multisensory and nature-based learning activities are combined with sequential phonics instruction based on the Orton-Gillingham method, making reading proficiency enjoyable and dynamic.

Grade Levels and Subjects Covered:

Wild Learning® offers curriculums for various grade levels, including:

  • Wild Math Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, and Fifth Grade Curriculums
  • Wild Reading Level 1 (grades K-1) and Level 2 (grades 1/2)
  • Assorted unit studies for grades K-6, covering topics like Beginning Carving, Sit Spot Writing, Plant Families, nature-themed literature units, and All About Books.

Teaching Methodology:

Wild Learning® curriculums are designed to be outdoor, nature-based, active, and hands-on. They cover grade-level material without excessive drills and worksheets, encouraging exploration in various settings, from backyards to natural areas.

Curriculum Options:

Wild Math® can be used as a standalone curriculum, and families can choose activities based on interest and preferences. It also aligns with most traditional math curriculums, allowing parents to pair outdoor activities with book-based learning.

Interactive Elements:

Wild Learning® does not incorporate digital or tech-based interactive components. However, Wild Reading Level 2 offers optional assessments for parents to monitor progress in reading skills and fluency.

Support for Parents:

Wild Learning® provides support through various Facebook groups and email communication. Additionally, 1:1 consultations are available for intensive support (fee-based).

User Testimonial:

"Wild Reading is exactly what I hoped it would be … science-based reading instruction mixed with Waldorf/ natural learning methods. I’m using level 1 with my 6, almost 7-year-old. He has a lot of energy and Wild Reading is a great fit. I’m also using level 2 with my 8, almost 9-year-old. He loves it. Which is huge. He has some sensory difficulties and this is going to work beautifully with him. I want to thank you for this natural approach to learning reading. I love that it’s OG methodology mixed with all the wonderful HWOT/ Waldorf methods. These are all the things I was looking for." ~ April

Read success stories and testimonials from parents benefiting from Wild Learning® resources here.

Pricing and Subscription Options:

Wild Math® ranges from $28 to $32, and Wild Reading® is priced at $79. Additional unit studies are available for $10 to $12, ensuring affordability for families.

Additional Resources and Services:

In addition to core homeschool resources, Wild Learning® offers unit studies on various subjects. Rachel occasionally conducts professional development workshops for schools and parents and presents at major nature education conferences. Free virtual workshops with partner organizations are also available from time to time.

Discover the joy of learning in nature with Wild Learning® — a perfect blend of education and adventure!

4. Waldorfish

Waldorfish: Making Waldorf Education Accessible for Homeschooling Families

Waldorfish is an online homeschool resource that aims to make Waldorf education accessible to anyone interested, regardless of whether they have a Waldorf school nearby or not. Their mission is to "lift the veil" and provide video-based, à la carte courses that cover subjects that often cause anxiety for homeschooling parents. With a focus on integrating the arts into their offerings, Waldorfish caters to grades 1-8 and even offers a high school art course.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • The courses at Waldorfish are co-created by experienced teachers with both Waldorf classroom and homeschooling experience. These pre-recorded video lessons provide clear guidance, easing parents' worries about teaching challenging subjects.

  • Unlike a full "boxed" curriculum, Waldorfish offers à la carte options, giving families the freedom to design the ideal school year for their children. The courses also come with lifetime access, allowing families to revisit lessons as needed and adapt them for younger children.

Grade Levels and Subjects Covered:

Waldorfish covers a range of subjects, including various art courses, form drawing, geometry, physics, chemistry, and botany. Their resources cater to grades 1-8, with an additional high school art course available.

Support for Parents:

Parents using Waldorfish's resources have access to supportive teachers via discussion threads accompanying the lessons. Additionally, teachers can be reached through email, and the platform offers regular customer service channels.

User Testimonial:

Parents and students have expressed their gratitude for Waldorfish's resources.

“You’ve made homeschooling four kids over the last decade a real joy with these beautiful lessons that take some work off of my plate.” ~ J.S.

Pricing and Subscription Options:

Waldorfish offers a range of pricing options, with courses priced between $31 to $309. Discounted bundle pricing is available in certain situations, and all programs have free sample lessons accessible through their website.

Additional Resources and Services:

In addition to their core homeschool resources, Waldorfish provides supplementary materials with free sample lessons. They focus on empowering homeschooling families to embrace the principles of Waldorf education and create enriching learning experiences at home.

Waldorf Essentials

Waldorf Essentials

Waldorf Essentials, a part of Auriel's Light organization, is a dedicated parent ministry focused on conscious parenting and providing developmentally appropriate homeschool resources. They offer a complete Waldorf-inspired curriculum and Seasons of Seven Virtual School, supporting families worldwide in creating enriching educational experiences for their children.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Parent Coaching and Support: Waldorf Essentials stands out by providing parent coaching and ongoing support to families. Their comprehensive homeschool curriculum comes with training in the Waldorf method, and monthly group coaching sessions offer valuable guidance for parents.

  • Authentic Waldorf School Experience: Seasons of Seven Virtual School delivers an authentic Waldorf school experience through dedicated teachers, offering weekly interactions that enrich children's learning journey at a fraction of private school costs.

  • All-Grade Coverage: Waldorf Essentials caters to all grade levels from early childhood to high school, providing resources and guidance for every stage of a child's educational journey.

  • Emphasis on Whole-Child Development: Based on Rudolf Steiner's Waldorf education principles, Waldorf Essentials focuses on educating the whole child, encompassing their intellectual, emotional, and physical development.

Curriculum Options:

While the Waldorf Essentials homeschool curriculum is fully laid out, they encourage families to customize it to suit their unique needs and preferences. With the help of coaching opportunities, parents can create a personalized homeschooling approach.

Interactive Elements:

Seasons of Seven Virtual School offers a fully online Waldorf experience, with weekly teacher interaction providing a dynamic and engaging learning environment for students.

Support for Parents:

Waldorf Essentials provides a wealth of support, including regular coaching and training sessions. Seasons of Seven Virtual School offers weekly parent office hours, and Auriel's Light organizes monthly parent education gatherings to support parents on their homeschooling journey.

User Testimonial:

"We are in week three of the Kindy 1 curriculum and we are LOVING it! My kids are super excited each day and I’m finding my footing and navigating this homeschool thing! It is truly more than I could have every hoped for. I’m crying right now because you are such a blessing and have been such a huge part of my journey into homeschooling. I know we haven’t met or been in contact but you have literally changed my life. My families life. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t put in to words how your words and the work you do have helped me choose a path I knew I needed to take but didn’t have the courage or resources to jump in to. I have been to a few office hours and kept up with the replays for P4P. we’ve been traveling lately so I haven’t been able to attend office hours the past few weeks. Also I really needed to “do” homeschool and feel it out for myself. Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication. You are truly a beam of light!" ~ Emily

Pricing and Subscription Options:

For pricing and subscription details, interested parties can visit the respective payment pages with these links: Seasons of Seven Virtual School, Waldorf Essentials homeschool curriculum, and Auriel's Light.

Additional Resources and Services:

In addition to the core homeschool resources, Waldorf Essentials offers family coaching, homeschool coaching, and programs focused on sleep and family rhythm. Their aim is to foster a healthy family ecosystem while supporting families in their homeschooling endeavors.

5. Tanglewood

Tanglewood Hollow

Tanglewood Hollow offers science and nature activity kits, hands-on educational resources and curiosities for parents, teachers, naturalists, outdoor educators, homeschoolers, and more!

6. Home Science Tools

Home Science Tools

Home Science Tools aims to inspire learning through hands-on science discovery at home. This online resource provides tools and resources for hands-on experiences for parents to incorporate into their learning-at-home routines and schedules.

7. BEarth Institute

The BEarth Institute

The award-winning Earthschooling Curriculum offers a diverse and secular approach with core blocks, lesson plans, and teacher support for grades preschool through high school. It stands out with its International content, Eurythmy, music and French lessons, exclusive content, certificates, and transcripts, while maintaining alignment with state core standards.

8. Wild + Free

Wild + Free

Wild + Free is a nature-inspired homeschooling and parenting community that celebrates the beauty of childhood and the wonders of the natural world. Through their resources, gatherings, and online platform, they aim to foster a sense of wonder, curiosity, and freedom in children's learning and development.

Online HS Blog 2023

Best Homeschooling Blogs

Sometimes the best way to learn something is to read real-life stories about the ways others have managed it — and homeschooling is no exception. Take a look at these homeschooling blogs to receive inspiration and comfort from a community of families who took the challenge to teach their children at home. In addition, you’ll also find further resources, products, and tips to further your homeschool journey.

9. Simple Homeschool

Simple Homeschool

Simple Homeschool is a one-stop hub for homeschooling tools, tips, and resources. Interested in tips on how to organize your homeschool based on your children's needs AND your personality? Click here to take Jamie's “What’s Your Homeschool Mom Personality Type” quiz and find out!

10. Clean

Rachel Wold | Clean

Here at Sparkle Stories, we love Rachel Jepson Wolf and her blog, Clean. Rachel is the owner and founder of LüSa Organics, and the author of two books: Herbal Adventures is a wildcrafting book for kids and their families, and The Unplugged Family Activity Book is a treasure trove of screen-free fun. Rachel and her husband Pete homeschool their two kids in rural southwestern Wisconsin. You can find her online at Rachel has been blogging since 2009. That means her archives are packed with almost a decade’s worth of reflections on parenting and homeschooling, acceptance and presence, recipes and remedies, craft projects and tutorials.

11. How We Montessori

How We Montessori

How We Montessori is a renowned company that promotes and shares Montessori-inspired parenting and education methods. Through their blog and resources, they provide valuable insights, practical tips, and creative ideas to help parents and educators implement the Montessori philosophy in nurturing children's development and independence.

12. The Kavanaugh Report

The Kavanaugh Report

The Kavanaugh Report is a prominent company dedicated to providing valuable resources and insights on homeschooling and parenting. Led by a seasoned educator and mother, the company offers a wealth of practical advice, curriculum ideas, and hands-on activities to support families in their homeschooling journey and foster a love for learning in children.

13. Mother Natured

Mother Natured

Mother Natured is a captivating company that celebrates the wonders of nature-based learning and outdoor exploration for children. With a focus on connecting families to the natural world, they offer a treasure trove of creative ideas, nature-inspired crafts, and engaging activities designed to foster a deep appreciation for the environment and encourage hands-on learning experiences.

14. Wilder Child

Wilder Child

Wilder Child is an innovative company dedicated to igniting the spirit of adventure and curiosity in children through nature-based play and learning. With a mission to reconnect families with the great outdoors, they offer a diverse range of resources, including nature-based activities, outdoor guides, and practical tips to inspire families to explore, discover, and embrace the beauty of the natural world.

15. Meagan Rose Wilson

Meagan Rose Wilson

Meagan Rose Wilson is an influential figure in the homeschooling and parenting community. As the founder of "Wild + Free," she has inspired countless families to embrace nature-inspired learning and cultivate a sense of wonder and freedom in their children's education. Through her work, Meagan has become a guiding voice for those seeking a more adventurous and holistic approach to raising and educating their kids.

16. The Artful Parent

The Artful Parent

The Artful Parent is full of tips on getting children started in art and helping inspire creativity for families. You can find dozens of arts and crafts, tutorials, and prompts, following the four seasons of the year and inspired by the changes of the natural world.

We hope these links will help you as you continue your homeschooling adventure! Martin and Sylvia would be so excited for you and your family.

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