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Dory Horde Crib Sheet

Dory Horde Crib Sheet

Have you ever met a large family and couldn't quite remember all their names? I have a friend with 5 boys all with unique names just like the Dory Horde; and it took me quite awhile until I got to know them individually to remember their names. With that in mind, we thought we'd make a crib sheet for the Dory Horde so you can look over it and remember just who they are until you've met them all through story enough to remember all their names and what makes them unique.

The Dory Family

Aurora Dory - Mother to five; a Daddy’s girl at heart - Special healing powers of touch - She is vulnerable to the same sickness as her father

Solomon Dory - Grandfather extraordinaire - Sensitive to metals - This sensitivity has helped him become fabulously rich

Tagish (Tag) Dory (boy, age 16) - Sensitive to metals, like his grandfather - Interested in physics and engineering - Don’t let him near your hard drive

Colum Dory (girl, age 15) - A fabulous sense of direction - Won’t take “no” for an answer - Large and in charge

Tahoe Dory (girl, age 12) - Likes quiet and staying home - Communicates over brain waves - Empathic to a fault

Cochiti (Coach) Dory (boy, age 9) - Naturally gifted athlete - Sometimes forgets to fuel his body - Happiest when in motion

Sesquile (Sessi) Dory (girl, age 6) - Rock solid memory - Can understand human and non-human language - Not too chatty

Aion Dory - Younger brother to Aurora and Apollo - Wealthy corporate lawyer in Chicago - Convincing, in an uncomfortable way

Apollo Dory - Older brother to Aurora; Husband to Diane; Father to Alastor - Scholar who worked for his dad - Has some resentment issues

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KC is a full-time radical homemaker and mama to two spunky little girls. She writes about all kinds of radical goodness, from gardening and cooking with whole foods to crafting, sewing, homeschooling, and mama musings. Read more on her blog The Nettlesome Life.

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